The Three-Sub-Queues you didn't know about

A server might have a queue of 5,000 people, but, that is split into three separate sub queues:

New Players
Starting Area
Open World

You will still hold a “Master” position within the queue, but the position in the sub queue is shown to you.

For Example, I’ve played on EU Midgard since a brief restart this morning, got to level 14, ran to the starting area to trade a friend some useful weapons and tools as he finally got through the queue, then logged off in his starting area.

I’ve since come back to log in and got position 28, BUT, I am queueing for a starting area without being a “starter.” I don’t know whether I have to wait for someone to log off from the Starting Area queue which, unsurprisingly, I don’t think anyone is logging off in the starting area, as they will progress through to the Open World before logging off, therefore isn’t progressing the Starting Area queue at all?

What do you think? Any moderators able to confirm?


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So, is this my issue? After joining at 8:00am, i had to run my son to school, so I was still in the starting area. It shows I am queueing for the starting area. If this is the issue that’s irritating.

And after posting this I got in and there is hardly anyone here.

I believe we have to wait for someone within the starting area of our server to log off before our queue will move, which as you can imagine at the launch of a game, no one is logging off in the starting area because they want to play. They just progress into the Open World and then a new player finishes the tutorial and is prioritised into the starting area over queued starting area people.

Well, that would make sense. Every time I’ve gotten in the queue, it’s been a fairly low number (highest was 53) for the starting area, but I keep getting timed out or some other issue before actually getting in. Last time I made it all the way to 1 and the game crashed.

I don’t think it’s being talked about with some peoples issues, they are blanket statement saying it’s one in one out but I don’t think that’s the case at all given the evidence I’ve seen across the forum, discord and my own game,

I found another thread with people talking about this, and a moderator did reply and said they would contact the devs about it. I’m hoping they can fix it and move us to the open world queue.

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Can you link me the thread please? @NellieShovett

Sure thing!

The mod in the thread is getting people to message them with their character name and server.

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Appreciate it, have messaged the mod as well!

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