The time-to-reward ratio is so small

Let me start by saying that I love this game and appreciate the work AGS has done in creating this beautiful world. I’ve played the game for a total of 750 hours so far, playing mostly solo. I’ve done plenty of chest/elite runs, but enjoy crafting the most.

I levelled weaponsmithing, armoring, and arcana to 200, all post-patch so it took me quite a substantial amount of time to max out these skills. Then, I had to grind a lot of coins to obtain major trophies and armor sets for weaponsmithing (still missing pants, lol) and arcana.

I then proceeded to happily craft some 595-600gs items, which proved to be extremely costly, as Asmodeum is expensive and hyperinflation is so rampant in my high-pop server, so much so that Orichalcum ingots now cost 27g a piece. Each 595-600 craft costs between 4,000 to 5,000 coins, and 99% of which ends up being sold for as little as 300g, even after using the new timeless items.

The RNG barrier, combined with the time-consuming gathering/refining loop makes the time-to-reward ratio so little that it becomes effectively disheartening to login everyday. Mining nodes are camped 24/7, everything is getting more and more expensive by the day, and the RNG element is proving to be far too strong.

I am sorry if this sounds like casual whining, but I feel like something has to be done in that department. Don’t minimize RNG, I came to terms with the RNG-element of a lot of MMOs, but in New World, in particular, there’s a huge cost-barrier to endgame crafting. I don’t know if the hyperinflation in high-pop server made it that way. It is very disheartening to venture out and gather materials all-day, only to end up with 2-3 crafts that end up being either salvaged or sold for peanuts.

I realize endgame crafting is a roulette, and I’m fine with the RNG-element, but the cost of this gamble is just too high, both in terms of coins and time-spent.


Very well put ! Feelings are exactly the same . Look at this way when all of us high end crafters are gone the ones that have been camping nodes will have nothing to do with the materials as I am certain they haven’t spent any time leveling crafting .


My server fluctuates in the prices for the CD materials for crafting. Asmoduem use to be around 300-500g per. Lately been shooting up to about 1500 per. All the Orichalcum nodes are camped religiously and buy the ingots on the trading post is 30g per.

As far as the RNG on the Amour via perks and stats already a good majority of perks are pretty much useless and can render a nice stat armor with crappy perks almost a cost to salvage or sell for half or even 3/4 of what you. I am not a huge fan of the RNG system in new world.

Nor am I time vs reward is very disheartening!

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I agree but this is the content substitute we get until actual content can be developed, undertested and full of 6-legged creatures then turned loose on eager NW players.

It’s a delay tactic.

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I don’t like the RNG nature of the reward loop, but that’s predominantly because activities are time gated as they are. I feel people would be slightly less aggrieved if they removed the orbs and time locks, because then it wouldn’t be so punitive to simply run it again. However I can’t help shaking the feeling that was done to stall and buy their team time for more content – which we still await (yes I realize it’s just past the holiday season).

I cant see this being true in 750 hrs (especially since you said mostly solo and post patch you leveled them) unless you been buyin gold from coin sellers to buy all the mats.

I realized the same, thats why i rather go gold-capped and horde ressources until they change that. It just doesnt make any sense.

With all the bots now you can log in anytime of the day and not find any high end resources you need. With the crafting changes making low-end materials terrible for leveling, eventually no one will be able to level/craft without buying it from the bot/goldsellers through the TP. Definitely a death spiral for crafting and the game.

It’s the BiS lottery.

Love it or leave it.

You’ll never craft a double gold cap item without
first crafting 100s of 300g ones.

Welcome to the BiS lottery.

At least your crafting…

180 armoring
160 engineering
170 jewel crafting

You know what I got out of all that farming… Negative 200-300k coin and hundreds of hours.

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You do realise what happens if the time to reward is increased? It will always balance back, to the same. Since if you make it easier to craft, everyone will have it easier to craft meaning that more and more items will be good, and almost no items unless perfect roll will be worth more than 100g. It is always gonna balance back. Then you will come again and say “Time to reward” ratio is small.

hehehe my man i crafted 40 gauntlets(ice/void) yesturday gs range 595-600 gs and from 40 i got 0 legendary (600)gs. So either i am 1 in a million unlucky or they have some serious rng bug…

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