The Top 5 major fixes that would make this game amazing!

Five of the biggest issues this game currently has.

  1. Lack of solo content
  2. More diverse pvp modes/competetive pvp is needed.
  3. Reasons to go back to old areas
  4. More variety of, and new types of random events.
  5. Endgame zones lack activities.

Regarding the solo content issue, What is the problem in more detail?

There is very little compelling solo content whatsoever, once you finish questing, many players that build a powerful character and enjoy this play style are left basically mob grinding or killing random enemies for fun and there is no purpose.

Regarding The lack of diversity among pvp, What is the problem in more detail?

There is one mode of pvp, it lasts too long for many players and there is no diversity, or smallscale competetive pvp.

Regarding The lack of reasons for old zones. What is the problem in more detail?

There is no reason to visit old areas, I look at a zone like everfall and feel kind of bored, like the excitement is gone.

Regarding the lack of variety and more types of random events. What is the problem in more detail?

The issue is that there are few types of corrupted invasions, but they are the same every time. I still enjoy them, but it could be much more exciting. There is also corrupted invasions, there could be more random events.

Regarding the lack of activities in endgame zones. What is the problem in more detail?

End game zones have little meaning once you’ve completed the quest, its a place you go occasionaly to do strongholds, and gather resources and thats it.

How can each of these issues be addressed and how does it contribute to the game?
Here i am going to write my suggestions of how to address each of these issues.

The First topic i will suggest how to fix, is lack of solo content. I personally love solo content and i think there are numerous things they could add to the game.


They are small scaled dungeon’s that add more story to the game and can have their difficulty scaled based on other systems present, or added to the game.

Monster arenas
These are arenas that can work two ways. They can be wave based, or you can fight progressively harder and harder bosses. I’d like this to function similar to the brawlers guild in WOW, where the boss is hard, but i’d rather its difficulty come from predominantly mechanics based things, so not only does it require skill but it requires gear.
Unique rewards can be attached to these, The game needs currency that exists outside of gold, and i found the winter tokens to be very refreshing. You can add furniture rewards, or consumables to these.

As far as diversity on pvp modes go, i think the developers are doing very well to bring arenas in to play as i suggested it myself. but to suggest other features they havent suggested.

You need a short pvp mode, and a long pvp mode.

New pvp mode: Raiding party.
This one is simple, you take the features available in the game with say keep walls, and you use ships, attacking components of the ships and destroying them with cannons, as parts of the ship are damaged it will unlock doors, allowing you capture points in the enemy ship. When the enemy ship is destroyed you win, they have a chance to come back and steal your ship if they can wipe your team, but if all points in the ship are captured they do not respawn.

New pvp mode: renegades
This one is similar to alterac valley in wow, and focused more on the pve elements, to spawn npc’s and challenging enemies much much more then the current OPR does, and you have to kill staged bosses and capture points, and resources gradually run out and need to be replenished. This is larger scale then opr and will likely take multiple hours.

Another major issue is the lack of a reason to go back to any sort of old area. EF mobs are irrelevant so here are the solutions.

New game plus, this can work similar to mutations in the sense that all enemies are scaled 10 times. Firstly all are scaled to 60, then 61, 62, 63 etc all the way to level 69 monsters. on higher difficulties all enemies will ALWAYS spawn with modifiers such as lasers, brutal etc. This mode might have custom rewards, umbral shard rewards, and a currency that exists outside the gold system. this blends into another system im going to bring up later. But you can do things such as give guranteed 600s from quests, then guranteed 600 blues epics, and eventually lego’s and then maybe cosmetic based flex rewards for finishing these things. But just adding a large contribution to the absolutely insane level of territory standing this game has is badly needed as it takes ages.

Territory standing reputation system. Whether your playing on ng+ or not which i feel like you should. Territory standing has new currencies assosciated with each zone, and offers new rewards and consumables with zone wide benefits. Giving people a reason, and a method to more easily grind out the standing.

One i want to talk in alot more detail about is random events.

This game’s random event system is one of its best features. and its built upon the idea of random events, so lets take the devs system and think of some things that would work well with it.

Corrupted Portal Variety - this game needs many more corrupted portals, just to mix it up, add ones with floating rocks and teleporters with flying mobs, add ones with underground caves.
Varaignian Invasions - The new mob which many people have missed are the Varagnian’s they are super cool but most people missed them cause they are low level off the map mobs that aren’t relevant for quests. Dev’s lets make them angry from lack of attention, Highlight an area of the map, and they will invade this area. All low level players are scaled up to 60. These monsters can give Varagnian Marauder’s tokens, and zone currency rewards and increased reputation, gold, consumable drops and a few guranteed 600 items. You have to basically defeat the enemies in the area and waves will spawn.

Deadzones - These are segments that also highlight the map and force pvp to be enabled, scale all low level players up to 60, and scale all mobs to 60. All enemies become stronger versions of themselves with better drops, and X amount of players or enemies must be defeated in this area for it to end. It could also be wave based in a sense, but different factions cannot fight along side each other.

Nemesis System - I am very excited about this one. its similar to something i saw in a game called assasins creed. If you kill X number of corrupted enemies say, Eventually a corrupted boss will spawn near you and hunt you down, maybe he’s soloable or maybe he takes a group, You realize a tough enemy has showed up, or you call your friends. but as your more hated, these enemies get progressively tougher and drop better things, gold, currency, guranteed 600s, consumables. It also might be neat to add a chance for corrupted portals to be opened ontop of you, or lost ships to spawn ontop of you, Nests to spawn ontop of you, Skeletal crypts to spawn ontop of you, or angry earth to grow from the ground.

Wanted System - This is a system like the nemesis system, where enemies notice when you kill enough of them. They don’t hunt you though. This will create the spawns of random elites/mini bosses and on rare occasions sometimes more difficult bosses that the player can kill, skip or team up to defeat, and will reward guranteed 600s, shards, and unique currencies for defeating. This creates a feeling of randomness and chaos.

The combination of varangian’s and corrupted enemies invading the map, while your being hunted, and spawning random elites from owning too many lost, and then having a corrupted breach spawn on you as your forcibly flagged pvp when you enter a deadzone is complete chaos. And that is what makes this game fun, Random unexpected encounters. Imagine chest runs, with lots of random boss spawns.

The last one to bring up is the lack of activities in endgame zones, this is a major problem and i have alot of cool ideas.

So looking at endgame areas what can we add?
Daily quests - This rewards zone based currencies in larger quantities then the repeatable quests and is usually a tougher quest and gives high levels of territory standing rewards.

Repeatable Faction reputation quests - these are simply simple tasks repeatable to grind faction reputation at a much faster rate, and small portions of zone based currency.

Given all of the other systems if you had the large amount of random events, enemy spawns in endgame zones and all these other activities, You’d only need to add a few things to end game zones to make them feel complete.

Archaeology - Allow us to mount whatever we gather together in our house. Unearth ancient fragments that fit together an item.

Land ownership - Allow us to in any zone we are in to own a plot of land
Mansions - Something for the truly rich, id love to be able to drop 100k and make events for my server such as giant mazes, and sprawling unique designs.

Non gold based currency system - They are needed, winter tokens was this done right, and made me feel compelled to play the game, and rewarded but didn’t seem meaningless just because i already had alot of gold.

I think all of these are core issues, and would love to know what you all think about my ideas.

Before adding in ANY new content… my top 5 would be

  • Fix Desync
  • Fix stabilization and Desync
  • Fix Desyncing
  • Fix how stable the servers run for Desyncing problems
  • and any other bugs that are old/new

All of this needs to be fixed, but this thread is not about fixing issues, but rather adding new features to the game that would contribute to it being complete and well rounded. Assuming all these are and/or get fixed what do you think about my ideas and what would you like to see?

Honestly, I would like more of a PvP based endgame to be prominent. You ever play dark age of camelot? 2001-02 game. It had housing/“foundations” that had Guild housing and storage
an entire zone dedicated to a war/RvR/Faction V Faction if you will. several keeps per land and it was a free for all to siege towers and keeps to have ownership of the lands, if your realm owned the most keeps/towers, it unlocked an end game dungeon to that realm. which was a leveling grounds for lvl 10 to end game raids… What was cool about this: if you’re in there cause your realm owned most of the lands, while inside, another realm could take the lead in this Frontier zone, and now they can come in that dungeon and go to your realms side and kill other players. it was dope, and created a never ending quest, if you will.

But I don’t want anything new, anything recreated… I just want a solid foundation for said new content that would in turn be smoother and more enjoyable to play for all… DESYNC… lol

That sounds cool, Yeah i agree with more diversity in pvp mode, id suggest the raiding party mode cause i liked to see the war based destruction of keep doors apply to a whole ship, it sounded fun and fast paced. We are also not trying to determine a timeline here as we dont know, im just suggesting ideas for the devs and hopefully they can take a few of them and do something cool.

I hear ya. I wanna see:

Larger group sizes from 5 to 10?
Battlegroups that have no cap
Large 3-way Frontier zone
Guild houses
Guild storage
Guild emblems for cloaks and shields
more DAoC influence

as of now, the end-game for PvP really resides in wars, and wars are incredibly sheltered and bland imo. this capture the flag nonsense is a drag.

Larger group sizes would be great.
uncapped bg’s is unrealistic given the problems with wars, but if they did autobalance it still acool idea.
Guild houses ties in with the mansions idea i def support this.
Cloaks would be cool cosmetically.
WDym with 3 way front

6.New Dev Team …i vote for Obsidian.

Other then that what do you think about my ideas?
In response to you, they built their own engine, sometimes buildinng your own engine can be a good thing long term, but short term we see alot of issues it can cause. but it also creates many new opportunities.


in daoc there were 3 realms. each realm had their own land to PvE in where other realms couldn’t go… So the idea there is that once you’re max level or at least close to it, you could go out to this area called “Frontiers” where you were perma flagged, there was little PvE out there, but still PvE was possible out there because it yielded more exp and rewards for PvEing there, but for the frontiers, each realm ported into their own safe zone. each realm had their land, that could be sieged by other realms at any given point. there was small mans, zergs, and raid groups roaming the lands to take over castles and towers that protected said castles. There were castle guards/NPCs to kill, Oil that could 1 tap people that were under it, so you’d have to destroy the oils before placing a ram to bash the doors down. once the doors were down you kill the lord in the lord room, and once the lord was dead your guild could claim that keep in the guilds name.

if your realm owned the most castles/keeps/towers then it would unlock a dungeon called “Darkness Falls” which was one of the best PvE spots to grind and Raid. but as I stated, it was ALWAYS subject to change due to frontiers always being open. so if you’re in darkness falls and another realm takes over the most lands/keeps, it opens their realm up to come inside the dungeon. you were free to leave at any time, but it was kinda like a maze to go through and make it up to an enemy realms side to PvP. but the dungeon was PvEvP with raid content in it’s depths.

it created a non-stop never ending end-game for PvP… aside from other perks for PvP end-game like realm rank (basically realm rank was PvP exp) which unlocked new abilities specific to your class. since new world has no class, it would just be mirrored to all players once they unlock a rank. More players you kill, more exp you got for realm rank.

Some of the realm abilities were super cool and created your build to perfection.
30 minute cooldown “Purge” that wiped all DoTs and Debuffs and CC
Augmented STR, CON, INT, DEX etc which pushed your attributes past what they were (not by much, but enough to be noticeable.

Frontiers was simply amazing.

When you say fixes, these are fixes that are needed.

  1. Perma-rooted bug
  2. Perma-debuffed bug
  3. Perma-can’t be healed bug
  4. Perma-I have a buff that last forever bug
  5. Weapon swapping bug
  6. I’ve weapon swapped but I’m showing the wrong ability bar bug
  7. This item is in a recipe but doesn’t exist in the game bug
  8. This named mob drops the wrong loot bug
  9. My weapons are clunky as hell bug
  10. I rubberband all over the place bug
  11. I’m a bug that’s been in the game since launch and they’ll never fix me bug
  12. Faction quests that can never be turned in bug.

You list is useless til they fix the game breaking bugs. The game would not be “amazing” until this shit is fixed.

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Im trying to look abstractly past timelines. Obviously these are priority before adding large amounts of new systems.

But what i am asking is assume its all fixed, and the game works fluidly, now what do you think about my ideas and others ideas in this thread?

I agree with you, but im curious of how this game can be well rounded, assuming bugs are fixed.

Sounds sick.

Don’t call it “top 5 fixes” then.

I’ve suggested a few simpler things about this before. I repeat when the subject is urgent;
-Seal the elite areas and turn them into raids where 10 people can enter. Mutate them.
-I agree about the arenas. There should be waves of enemies, at least 5 rounds and the final boss fight. These are also mutated.
-Pvp open map. Base, castles that can teleport for each faction in 3 different locations. Pvp is always on here. When you kill creatures here, you gain faction tokens, and when you kill an opponent, you get half the token they have.
-Special boxes containing a set of new items for the Faction store. Example; 10k faction tokens between 580-600 faction weapons. Or tach to 50k tokens.

  • Strengthen solo open world camps and it will level up to 66. Put elite chests there and reward solo players.
    -Place high level resources on every map in the open world. Collectors roaming the entire map.
    -Open world bosses. With level 66 and special item drops.
    -Mutate them all, including ancient dungeons. The mutation is available for all dungeons during the week. And remove the limit on purchasing mutation keys from the faction store.
    -Pvp rank and rank. Ranks that increase for each activity you do and decrease when you are bad.
    -New mobs to be added to each type (corruption, ancient etc).

They can easily do almost all of this with a few additions without changing the core code. Of course if they think the game is coming, which I don’t think so.

I like this idea. I definetely agree with the open world bosses. I think it should be rare, highly rewarding but mostly importantly. Brutally challenging, i want to see lots of people die and get rezzed and tanks wipe, make ppl earn it.

I agree about mutation key limit. I think unless they add more content it needs to be. But should also remain feeling special as its sort of a weekly thing. As far as the new mobs yes, we need more enemy diversity.

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I got one more , let us gift people from the store and add a full clown costume , I play opr and sometimes I feel I need to reward some people for their actions.

I like this, but would it be good or bad that it might take the route of ESO, where people can now spend real money for in game gold basically via gifting ppl things that they want.