The unpopular truth

I think everybody can agree that we believe AGS are killing their own game but we can’t all agree which way we think they’re doing it the worst/most. This latest round of free server transfers was just a nail in the coffin of game stability and health. People aren’t leaving the game because their friends are playing on other worlds, they are leaving because their friends are playing other games. All you’ve done by allowing transfers is killing the worlds that are lower population in an effort to reduce the blood lost from poor development.

AGS listens to some players, they just listen to the wrong ones most of the time and make changes and decisions based on different minority groups on different days. You need to figure out what game you want to develop before you continue to make changes that totally disrupt and wreck different play styles. You CAN’T balance PVE and PVP because it’s not possible. You CAN’T balance casual and hardcore because it’s not possible. The economy is a disaster and nothing has been done to fix it. The rich are getting richer (territory ownership for the only 2 viable locations of Everfall and Windsward are a complete joke) and the poor are getting poorer. The server stability, lag/desync issues are beyond frustrating. The vast space in usefulness and strength between classes, play styles and weapons are a huge joke. Some classes need skill and great gear while some just need the ability to click the mouse.

Everything you’re doing is just driving a deeper divide to your groups of gamers and making blind change after change after change just does the same thing to every group at different times. As I told a company member the other day “AGS has a huge pot hole in their driveway and instead of stopping and fixing the pot hole and making the driveway usable again they’re buying a new tire every day to just keep driving.”

  1. Stop trying to balance everything, it’s not possible. Figure out a direction, agree that it’s where you want to go and start driving without doing U-turns, taking exits, wrong turns and stopping, looking around and wondering why you aren’t there yet. Nerf/Buff/Nerf/Buff cycles will drive everybody away quickly.

  2. Fix exploits, bugs and glitches FIRST, every time they come up. Stop working on ways to pacify us with more time gated content and extend grinds to cover for slow development.

  3. Fix what you have in the game before you try adding more content that will just compound the issues and cause more frustration. We have things that have been wrong with the game for weeks and months that STILL haven’t been fixed yet we get stuff added that are also full of bugs and broken mechanics. We get bugs and broken content that gets fixed eventually only to get broken again with the next “fix” or patch (hello, can’t craft from storage, again and again).

  4. START COMMUNICATING with your gamers. A development company that has as bad communication skills as this one is a demoralizing and frustrating thing to deal with to a player base. We don’t need to hear everything you do in a day, what you had for lunch and the outfit you wore to work. But we NEED to see you communicate things, addressing problems and laying out some sort of road map.

Even if these things are changed I don’t know if New World will survive but I know that not addressing them will, for a fact, make it die within months… Even more dead than it is now.


Bring back the Alpha Combat Sytem.


… you say AGS listens to players sometimes, but they listen to the wrong ones…

Who are the correct players that AGS needs to listen to?


It depends on what game they want to develop. If they are going to make a strictly PVP game then listen to the PVP player, if it’s going to be a PVE then the PVE players, casual, hard core, crafters, adventurers or whatever. But you can’t listen to one group and make changes then listen to another and make changes then listen to a 3rd and make changes back to what they were before but with more bugs.


me, everything else is smoke :grinning:

I don’t think it’s about who listens or not. it is a purely management problem who has been steering this ship for a long time has not known where he is going, I am sure he knows where he wants to go… but he has no idea how to get there and he is literally spending all the resources of time and energy, in covering with duct tape holes in the cannon so that the ship does not sink, instead of stopping and repairing the important flaws in conditions. In my opinion, they are making the worst mistake of a video game company, which is trying to convince players that they have to play as they have imagined, instead of adapting 100% every day to what players ask for and it is certainly not a pve game of extreme nonsense farming, to end up doing 2 or 3 repetitive dungeons for the sole reason of having more loot

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Those that promote and support AGS in crating and implementing their original ideas. Like the Souls Like Skill based Combat that no other MMO has.

Instead Generic MMO players cried, AGS removed their Combat System and the game went down hill ever since.

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This is precisely why this game failed. No one in AGS seems to have a clear idea what this game ought to be.

And they really should have known before alpha began.

New world can’t possibly be a success without a clear goal of what it is they want to create.


They could balance pve and pvp if weapon skills did different things based on pvp and pve.

Yes they could, but they can’t one or the other right so I have NO hope in them getting both right. IF they want to try and make this a combined PVP/PVE game it must have different stats/abilities and such for every weapon/class/skill.

:frowning: right in the feels

Desync, movement bug in wars/invasions, chat bug, heal bug, signup bug for wars/invasion, lag detected bug, weapon swap bug, it’s a infestation.
Fundamental game mechanics are the real reasons why New World is down to 20k player base.
Incompetence’s ignored on purpose not to accept liability and be accountable.
Amateur Gaming Services is a well earned nickname.


I almost certainly tell you what will happen:
Game sales make a lot of money, but NW programmers and staff have a bad habit of wanting to get paid every month,
the sales of the game have served to pay the costs of the months (years) that the game has been in development and these people charged without making money…

but NW sales have dropped, and proportionately the extra money coming into the store too

so there will come a time when the money that comes in does not cover the expenses of the game, or it will not be able to cover it for more than X months because the cumulative games have this problem, that once people buy something… already it has, which forces the company that owns the game to be releasing new products all the time. (if you have 10 skins and I buy them from you, you earn that money… and then you don’t earn any more, but you have to keep giving me maintenance servers, etc. for years)

so these people will release a paid expansion between 6 and 12 months from the launch of NW 18 months at the latest, the problem is that given the number of bugs in the game and the critical levels of players leaving the game right now the number of people willing to buy that expansion will not be very high, and if that expansion is not perfect and when I say perfect I mean “PERFECT” everyone who entered will leave again but with one difference, those people will not return with a second or third expansion greatly increasing the financing problems of the game… which in turn will affect the game itself and it will be a spiral impossible to fix unless there is a zero stoppage, a lot of money is put into it or… how do they do it many companies take out a NW2 and try to start from scratch again


I feel like their original vision was alpha, and then they changed course to attract more people. So they want pve and pvp blended together

As a result, if youre on the left or right endof the spectrum, youre either really happy or really pissed by some descisions (full loot, stagger, flagging luck, mounts). If your more in the middle, you can live with it.

I dont think their vision for the game is unclear, i personally think its clear. Its more of a - how can they tweak it to make it work.


Not sure if I can read it past this. Their actions can absolutely lead to the game losing so many players. They can make really bad decisions. Think there is too much evidence that it isn’t intentional.

Just don’t think it’s worth my time to read if you already starting with something false, with a title the unpopular truth


Ww and EF are rich cities only because players chose so. Stop crafting there, stop paying house there. And you will see other cities rise up

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Actions speak louder than words. Since AGS won’t say anything I’ll have to go on what they do.

That would be me. If AGS had the good sense to do everything exactly as I say, the game would be perfect.

For starters, there would be a lot more ponies.


I’m in that middle ground. I don’t focus on one or the other and am not hellbent on making my play style 100% of either. I do PVP when it’s needed (wars, pushing territories, pushing back people who push our territory and the occasional open world PVP when some Kyle is just being a douche to somebody because he’s a Kyle).

But it’s very depressing when every day you log in your friends list is more empty every day and your server is dying a slow death.


Won’t really go much further on this because don’t think this is helpful for the overall post but there is a difference between intent in the two scenarios just so you are aware.

Purposely trying to kill your own game and wanting it to do well but making bad decisions is a very different thing. Especially for the future health of the game. One means, give up and leave. Why even post here on the forums? They gonna do it anyways. The other is, they are working on trying to fix things. Things likely will improve over time, maybe slowly? Maybe faster? It seems even though you are saying one thing, you feel more in line with the second? You just are not phrasing the post I’m that way.


It makes sense that Everfall and Windward are the capitals, if only because of them being in the geographical center of Aeternum, and teleporting around costs an amount of Azoth proportional to the distance.
So it makes sense that people want to cut travel costs by establishing themselves at the center, and teleporting from there.

Because of that, most crafters hauled their resources there, (inventory weight increased travelling costs in an absurd amount, and house/inn travel is free) and crafted there. The increase of housing, trade, and crafting income in Everfall and Windsward made their owner earn millions, which allowed them to upgrade all crafting stations to tier 5 even after losing invations.
This only had the effect to further push more crafters into moving to these cities.

If traveling costs had been equalized from the beginning, so travelling around always costed 20 azoth or so, regardles of distance, weight, or faction, then people would have spread out a bit more.
That’s why I think they are equalizing and reducing travelling costs in the PTR. But now it might be too late, because EF/WW already have the houses of the crafters, already have the millions to keep the crafting stations at max tier, etc. So there is a momentum there that is going to be very hard to revert.