The unpopular truth

Yeah i get it, it sucks.

Too little, too late. Pretty much what you’re saying.

And it couldn’t be more true. The damage is done and there is no way of getting it back. On our “dead” server WW and EF rake in over 1.5 million each, every period. WW has stupid high taxes and a toxic company owning it. Without the ability to sell your house and losing every penny it cost people just say “screw it” and stay there because even with the higher taxes it’s still cheaper than buying a house in another city and building it up.

Then again a lot of people don’t care to build a city, they want to just buy a home in an already established territory and be done with it.

They attempted to pacify the house owners by reducing “rent” during the holidays but did nothing to cap tax range limits and still gave governing bodies the full return on the “normal” taxes that we were only paying 10% of. Then they reverted the reduction and when people raged, they reduced the cost some. Companies responded by just raising taxes higher. Now they are reducing the tax range but are going to bump the return from the taxes 5X to the company treasury… Now what is that accomplishing?

Yeah that’s the ticket. Kill the game within a week.

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Wtf are your talking about?

This was supposed to be a PvP MMO, they added PvE Aspects to the game to give Players the option to not slaughter each other all the time and also appeal to PvE Players aswell.

So far so good.

Then they took the most unique Feature out of the Game, that was the Alpha Combat, not because PvPers Complained, not because PvEers Compained, it was solemly because the TabTarget, Buttonsmashers complained about it because it required actual Skill and hence took them out of their comfort Zone??

Yes, the system needed some tweaking and improvement but that was something that could have been handled with time.

My question is, why the fuck did this change happen in the first place? It was their vision and it appealed to an audience, that wanted said Combat. Then Players that don’t want that Combat test the game and complain??? What the hell did they expect in the first place, it was something new in the MMO Genre, something that made this game unique. Now the game is being watered down more and more and becoming more or less the same like all other MMOs.

What is so bad about trying something new in the MMO Genre, why the hell does everything have to be the same??

Imagine wanting to go swimming but instead of going to one of the multiple local swimming pools you go to the Ice rink and complain about the water being solid??? Wtf. Just because it somewhat looks like a Pool and got some Form of Water in it that doesn’t mean it’s the place for you to be.

Instead of giving those People directions on where to find a damn Swimming Pool, AGS melted the ice partly, dug a deeper hole on that side and filled it with more water. Tadaa, now it’s a half Swimmingpool half IceRink. Pls don’t mind the Cool Air-conditioning, freezing Water and Platform surrounding our pool.

How are you supposed to compete with all the other Pools that where build to be exactly that?

This shit is driving me crazy, it defies all logic.

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PvP is literally the only reason I play new world, and all my actions in new world from crafting to doing mutated dungeons are solely to help better gear me for PvP. In my opinion, there is nothing unique about the pve in New World and it will take years of development for new world to be similar to other mmorpgs.


This is my issue with the game too. They seem to have zero direction of where they want this game to go. They try to listen to feedback, but people give such egoistic and bad feedback that just ends up worse in many cases.

I play New World for the combat and PvP and thats really where the game shines, but instead of enchancing those features, they do so much wierd shit…

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No it wasn’t “supposed” to be a “pvp mmo”. Just because you said so does not make it so since of course you had less than nothing to do with dreaming it up or implementing it.

And has been clearly stated ad-nauseum by the actual creators of the game. The idea of a ‘full loot’ pvp game became an apparent no starter. They knew they had less than a snoballs chance in hell of it going anywhere as the gankfest it was. Sorry to burst your bubble but the ‘pvp 1337’ crowd is what opened their eyes to what a failure that kind of game would have been.

I explained above why the game was fundamentally changed in the alpha stage. AGS also clearly explained why they changed it. Also since you seem to be confused. This is not a tab target game. As for ‘buttonsmashing’ congrats you’ve explained every single computer game that’s ever been made in the history of mankind. You’ve won a cookie.

Now to sum things up. It doesn’t really matter if you realize it or not, but had they stayed with the original alpha design the game would have never launched. You can know this obvious fact or you can bury you head in the sand with the other 12 people that constantly drool on about ‘full loot full loot’.

I think it just boils down to bad decision making. Personally I think the only way that’ll ever be fixed is if a major shakeup is done with the development team or AGS gets bought out by an actual game studio.

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Why the fuck does everyone allways corrolate PvP MMO with Full Loot?

What does Full Loot have to do with the fact that the Combat in NewWorld used to be Skill bound instead of Gear or Level.

I 100% agree with you that Full Loot does not and propably will never work and that’s fine with me.

I am solomly talking about the Combat Mechanics.

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Did you play the alpha? Smashing buttons was 100% not the intended Playstyle. It was about Reading the Enemy, Committing to Attack Animations, knowing when to Dodge or Block, how to Manage your Stamina Bar, how to Position yourself and when to punish the enemy’s Mistakes.

No matter if it’s PvP or PvE.

Your post is also one of the reason I made this post a few days ago in feedback. Please feel free to leave like or comment so the devs or moderators can consider it. They need to give players the freedom to choose where they want to buy a house or settle while still giving incentive for cities to upgrade craft/refining stations. Below is my suggestion.

The biggest problem I have with AGS is their garbage communication. They just don’t communicate or engage with the community any more and it always feels sanitized and corporate.

We literally have no idea what the long term plan is for the game, what the developers even want to do with the game, or what the vision of New World is. They don’t engage with us on the forums any more and when they did it was brief and felt like a placation.

On the flip though, people have been truly vile towards them, so… I guess I can see why they’d go radio silent. I suppose they should have just enforced their forum rules a little more strictly and kept up the communication with the rest of the community.


For those of us who didn’t play alpha, what is the difference between the combat system then vs now?

Quite honestly, I think at least conceptually (bugs and weapon balance aside) the current system is better than other MMOs I have played. At least for me, it feels more FPS-like than a tab target rpg.


96% of all statistics are 85% made up.


I collected some of the information about Combat then, in this post.

Take your time, click on the Link I provided and watch the Video.

It explains the whole thing quite well.
Please feel free to ask further questions after that, if you still have some.

This brain-based game control system already exists, you just have to research it on the internet, I tried it years ago with doom, so imagine if it’s years

So, it all more or less comes down to no longer having stagger? Basically, stagger would prevent an attack so someone staggered would have to perform a defensive action in order to attack again before the person who staggered them?

Sounds interesting and a bit more complex. As I have not played it, I cannot say if I would like it better or not. That said, I don’t see this as one of the games current main problems. In other words, I don’t think the majority of the people that have left have done so because of this particular item…


You asked for clearification, I even offered you a Video about it.

My definition of “Smashing” is nonstop thoughtless Button Pressing.
Thats quite frankly what most of the current Bruiser Players are doing.

If you don’t want to understand the Argument or Reason why someone you Discuss with has a certain Opinion. I suggest you don’t start a Discussion at all.

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That’s a good summation right there let alone what follows. The pvp-pve balance has never been resolved to my knowledge.

Wish this could be emblazoned somewhere where it can’t be missed.

The phrase that comes to mind over and over again: Fix the damn compass!

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