The unpopular truth

Dude said all that and you just held onto this one thing?

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if pve and pvp can be balanced, in fact one can get one to depend on the other, a clear example is eve, a game where you can play only pve or only pvp or how normal it is to play mixed

I do agree with the OP bit, they need to pick an area to focus on. They are trying to appease all types of players, but are unable to provide enough content to make anyone happy. Make a decision, if you want to focus on PVP then go all in. Yes you’ll lose all of your PVE players, but you make bring in new ones. And vice versa with PVE.
Take a page out of No Man’s Sky book. They release new content in near the beginning of the week, then have their teams focus on any issues with the new content before moving on the something else.
With communication, look no further than Paradox and the team that works on Stellaris. They update the community every Thursday. Sometimes it might be very little info, but they always have something to share.

I feel like all their updates (expertise system, mutated dungeons, etc.) have been focused on PvE, so they are either doing PvE wrong or no one wants to play New World for PvE. So….all in for PvP?

IMHO, I think PvE vs PvP is a false dichotomy. While there are people who only want to PvE and other people who only want to PvP, I would wager the majority of people like to do both at least to some extent. I think all aspects of the game need to be worked on :)!


they’re doing pve wrong, the game is too small, and simple to focus on pve, pure pve players want more complex systems, bigger dungeons and a lot of variety, but we have a weapon system, designed for pvp, some dungeons very small because they were designed for a pve game as a complement

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Agreed, but right now they can’t figure out either one. Maybe they can focus on one and build a solid player base, then work on improving the other.

That’s why I think they should give up on PvE for now. It will take years of development to be on par with other mmos.

Yes. They started out making a PVP based game, then switch gears to PVE. I am a PVE player myself, and once I hit 60, I found little reason to play. Loot is RNG there is nothing unique to grind for. Sure there is the challenge of the dungeon, but with the grind I have to get into one isn’t worth the reward. Unless they change something.


yea clearly everyone can agree on that. /s

Replying to another user I realized that they just suffer really binary decisionmaking.

Their PVP had lowbie ganking issues, so instead of a level gap cap, a tier system, or a safeguard for newbies or even just safeguarded zones or even just some sort of temporary optout when you get ganked below 30 or something, they just torched the whole thing.

I think that’s the core of the issue. It seems like a compromise was never on the table.


if you notice how the devs “balance” anything its never subtle adjustments. its always all or nothing.

Exactly. There’s always this hardline solution in their pipeline even though outcry is usually nearly unanimous.

AGS is definitely not actively trying to kill their game. Say whatever else you will (and there is just so much to say) but that is a conclusion not at all supported by any actual reasoning. They are also literally sticking to a specific plan – if anything to a fault. Everything that is happening so far is what was outlined in their first roadmap. We won’t be moving into murky waters where they could even possibly make their first divergence until after this PTR hits live, and even with the next PTR we know that it should include the blunderbuss at the very least.

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I think he is just talking about the stagger mechanic when he says “Alpha Combat.”

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No, combat was a little different back in Alpha.

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That is very true.

I dont agree with that.

I agree that all of that could have been done and maybe still should be.

Players would still get angry and vent on the forums about all of them.

Maybe AGS just decided people would be mad no matter what they did and just picked a course of action and went with it.

Think you forgot to add the unpopular part.

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