The watermark system was a bad idea to stretch a lack of content, why double down on it?

Every patch you lose half your player base, maybe it’s time to really start listening.

We hated the watermark system but we accepted it cause we knew it was just because the endgame wasn’t really finished.

We kept playing because the bones of something magnificent was there in this world you built and we had the freedom to play however we wanted.

But to double down on it like this and turn it into a mandatory daily grindfest! Well let’s just say it isn’t going to help your player retention!

Scrap it all, scrap tuning orbs too, and stop stop introducing timegates or you’re not gonna keep enough of a player base to justify the game’s infrastructure cost!

This isn’t chicken little, bad choices by you guys really are causing the sky to fall. From nearly a million to around 100k players now. LISTEN TO US!

I dont think the WM system is a terrible idea, Think the issue stems from them forcing crafters and people who dont have time for the game to not get the 600gs weapons off trade. At the very least crafted weapons and armor should remain unchanged.

So um, scrap the game and remake it into New Exedor. Ok.

i dont mind the tuning orbs would be nice if they lasted for the day or at least 3-10 charges per orb

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