The way the luck system is implemented is terrible for gameplay

First off, i like the IDEA of the luck system in general, but i find the implementation of it is very jarring. New World seems very much like a big open area where you are meant to explore and do a lot of things simultaneously rather then just one activity at a time.

In practice however, players end up only doing one thing at a time because of the way the systems are designed, especially when it comes to luck.

What i mean by this is that there are a variety of different gathering sets that all have luck bonuses specific to that ONE aspect. You have a harvesting luck set, and a logging luck set, and a skinning luck set, and a mining luck set, and a loot/chest luck set, and a fishing set and no easy way to create a gear set or swap between them. You also have food buffs, and trophy bonuses.

The problem is that i can’t just go out to a zone and be like, oh some ironwood, i will grab that, and kill this monster in the way while im at it and skin it, grab this orichalcum vein before i go over and loot that chest! Well you can, but if you want the really good crafting mats and resources that simple chain of events would require you to swap gear 4 times, and eat 3 different foods.

So in practice, what players do is just focus on one task at a time with all their buffs. Im gonna go logging, or im gonna go mining, etc, and ignore everything else along the way which frankly, gets really repetitive and boring. Not to mention there are only 5 trophy slots and you have to go to each of your houses anytime you want to switch them. Got an invasion coming up? Go vist each house and put all your corrupted trophies on! Going out gathering? Time to swamp them all back! Wanna do some crafting quickly? Better swap out all those trophies again!

It’s a very cumbersome system that leads to only ever doing one specific thing at a time and really ruins any kind of fluidity of play.


There is a simple solution to this:
dont do everything on your own.
Have on of your friends to the lumberjack, the next is going fishing, a 3rd one does the iron run.

This even makes everyone pay less instead of trying everything on each individuals base :roll_eyes:

i think trophys are also bad

you want to gather and get the maximum of luck
well fasttravel to all your 3 buildins and change out the trophys
you want to craft or refine something after you gathered the materials

fasttravel to all your 3 buildings again…

i agree loot luck sets and gathering luck sets are extremely bad game design because its overcomplicated and annoying.

also i want to add that competing over resource nodes when people can be unflagged (meaning you can’t kill them) is incredibly stupid game design.

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I’d much prefer if the game incentivized “natural” gameplay as opposed to active “farming”. The game is much more fun IMO when I just go about places, doing quests, and then harvest, mine and log as I come across nodes instead of leaving the settlement specifically to do a farming route. In the end they’re both valid design decisions, I guess, and maybe the latter complexifies the economy further, with players specializing, even if temporarily. Personally, I prefer avoiding farming routines because they make it look like I’m working and not playing a game and having fun.

A good way of implementing such incentives to natural gameplay is to add bonuses to resource collecting (resource nodes, chests, ores, trees, plants etc) when you diversify, mining, harvesting, logging all at once, mixing activities up, instead of just doing the same thing for a long time.

I completely disagree and think the luck system is a WONDERFUL system. It allows non crafters to make quality equipment that is useful, while dedicated crafters can SPECIALIZE what they do with trophies and their luck load outs and food to surpass the quality everyone gear and put out pristine versions that are a notch above to make their buck. It encourages people to work together on their specializations, including combat specialists. It supports end content TEAMWORK at the small group level for PvE players and systems.

This is an MMO. You are not supposed to be end tier build and load out after a month with nothing to work towards. Without the luck system we wouldn’t have the watermark system to allow for the gear 600 drops that specialized crafting can surpass. Removal or changes to the luck system would require a complete loot system, housing system, azoth system, and progression system overhaul. Basically changing the entire game.

Do some thing need their drop values adjusted? Absolutely. But don’t change the entire game because people don’t want to have post 60 PvE content other than percent dropping from expeditions.


Ez fix: A craftable armor stand for houses which you can equip armor on that gives the various %luck bonuses and profession bonuses in the open world.
(but nothing else)

→ Problem fixed.

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Instead of luck we should get higher gathering yelds by using proper gear.

Everyone should have the same chance of getting [Rare item], but the raw resources should be optimized for those who invest in gear. That way you can skin, cut trees and open chests, the only difference is that you would get a little less of basic resources when doing so.

Yup, not a fan. But you’ll get told it’s your choice to do the thing you’d prefer not to do and it’s perfect because it lets them do that thing.

I never loved the concept Diablo basically created, where one must own a suit of “luck” gear to then endlessly farm in. It’s abjectly the opposite of what I consider to be fun (which is to not rigidly railroad content). Thankfully, D2 never required you do it to enjoy the game. I can’t yet comment on whether nw does as I’m only just 60 this week.

We’ll see. What I’ve noticed is that just having some luck gear on makes a big difference and I’m OK with that. For now.


I currently leave home with the sets I was going to use in my journey. The only thing missing in the game is a loadout to organize the gear. Having different gear specializations for each profession help limit the amount of farm you can do at the time.

Have no reason to make everyone perfect in everything at the same time.

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A 60 without Luck gear can get all crafting skills to 200 and make fairly good gear with the appropriate levels as it stands. The luck gear itself is primarily used & supported by specializing for the rare mat drops that are used to make gear of a higher quality at those same tiers. This is a fairly good system as it means you can make quality gear at end game crafting but someone who wants to dedicate to making that type of gear still has a market for it. Those rare material drops really aren’t used in most average crafting and are far from required.

Luck gear for mining for crafters is no different than your luck gear for expeditions and monster farming. The difference stands in the fact that specialized luck gear has better luck values than your general luck gear that applies to the same nodes we specialized for.

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I like that point of view. While natural gameplay is my preferred style of play, it might be nice to the game and to the economy for players to need/want to specialize, even if temporarily (with worn sets and food eaten), to tackle specific content or do specific tasks. I guess it’s a nice and welcome addition to the utility of the crafting system too that adds to the game’s “end game”.

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Here is a first time when my opinion was quickly changed from just reading two posts. :sweat_smile:

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I find myself in agreement with the OP on this one as well, and acknowledge that I may be in the minority here.

Let’s take for example, the farm du-jour (Shattered Mountains). Watermark farming is set up as a brutal grind in killing elites from multiple regions and elite chests to raise the cap random gear score drops going forward for that item type. The mob density and difficulty is set up as a team based encounter and meant to be a challenge working your way through.

What has it devolved into?

  • Zerg farming in groups of 20+, everyone in luck gear (as a means to short circuit a grind that if they actually enjoyed wouldn’t have luck gear on). Yes, there’s a meta-mechanic in which some people like playing against the developer system and optimizing gear to short-circuit a grind, but that’s a poor reason to have all of theses regions/spawn/etc.

  • Solo ninja chesting, yes in full luck gear, because the point is to ‘beat’ the grind. Now, if this was an assassin’s creed/stealth sort of thing, that would be cool. But watch the you tube streams, and that’s not what’s happening. Hop over walls to mess with a mob’s pathing (anti-immersive), wait until I starts retreating, then run back WITH it and ninja the chest before it resets to sanity. This is not intended. But if this is core aspect of SM farming right now, it’s indicative of a grind gone too far without content-based rewards.

Now, I’ve done it in a group of 5, as intended by the devs, and it’s a fun area. But the watermark mechanics, length of grind, and luck gear attrs as a means to short-cut the content is meh. I know the game’s just starting here, and more content will come, but I have to admit, I’m not a fan of this one.


Don’t forget, those specialized dedicated crafters are using their trophies for them. They need the people who will use trophy slots for killing to help them with the tougher areas. Maybe not now, but eventually. Those kitted to killing also will kill monsters at a faster rate to generate loot drops more frequently and thus have their own trading post farm of selling the 600 GS specialized luck gear to the crafters with the appropriate stats. Each gathering type has a preferred stat. Each weapon load out has preferred stats. They don’t always match. The true specialists will own a set of general luck gear for their weapon preferences and then two sets for their specialty. One for their weapons and one for the stat associated to the gathering type itself to maximize. That is a lot of sell value the average non crafter can still produce just by paying attention to their drops and using deductive reasoning on armor types based on stats associated to the gear and skill. But all luck gear will hold value due to these preferential reasons

I’d also like to add that I like it that New World’s luck bonuses system are given in parallel instead of replacing attribute or otherwise combat related bonuses. Guild Wars 2 had such a system and needed to scrap it because it’s what 101% of the players were using, thus hurting group combat efficiency (generalized leech mentality).

Your post is the epitome of what is wrong with this forum.

The op made a constructive post about why he doesn’t enjoy the experience and your actual solution is: play with people who specialize and presumably wear luck gear for every other aspect of the game?!?!!


Let’s get back on track people.


See but thing you aren’t realizing is your watermark farming, as someone kited to kill with trophies for killing and standard luck gear to bring your drops to that 600 GS level is simply the murder equivalent of a crafters specialized luck gear farm to get the rare mats that they require to make comparable or better gear than you get just from going murder happy. They both are a grind, but two very different styles of the grind. The thing is your grind is one we also have to do to obtain those named legendary collections you are already building.


I get what you’re saying. I really do. I’m espousing an opinion that this in your face blatant grind just isn’t fun. I don’t mind grinds, but like them when they’re nuanced.

If the grind is so bad that i’m donning luck gear specific to the activity as a means of shortening the grind, it’s not immersive. That’s it.