The WHOLE server knows he's a GOLD FARMER,BUT

Server: Trapalanda US East
Cheater name:Greenged
We all know he is a chinese gold farmer,at least 20 people report him every day.And he just mining orichalcum at scorched mines every day.

Also he has another account “greegendddd”

He said “cao ni ma”, I know it must be dirty word in chinese

have the same problem in my server, a group of 2 people that farm ori in lower sviken for 20+ hours a day, even been seen online for more than 30 hours only farming ori. Clearly using a bot or macro to mine along with a timer program to show when the nodes are respawning. i know personally 40 people that have reported them and nothing has been done.

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yeah,that’s insane
Reporting is nearly useless

@Luxendra @TrevzorFTW @Azmo

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