The world of robots

Steam’s home sharing account should be banned immediately.
Bots are churning out Steam shared accounts using banned accounts.
Second, you should immediately increase the cooldown time after deleting a role to more than 30 days, or you should not allow deleting a role.
OR,Reduce gold coins of mainline tasks below level 10
I hope you can forward it for official attention and correction


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Wait for it. The bot banwave will be huge.

I hope someone from the community managers reads and relays this:

Please make it a one time event, a huge spectacle where you blow the bots up. Huge explosions, Many Fireworks. Or even better a giant, and i mean GIANT corrupted monster wandering the map and eating bots for 72h.

Please make this a thing.


The damage is already done.

Which damage? The gold and items which won’t matter in 3 months?

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The problem, as outlined by the OP, is that these bots don’t even need to last that long to have a lasting impact on the economy. I assume the fishing bots are up to no good as well - someone in another thread mentioned seeing what looked like a bot that came into the middle of a fishing bot group, paused for some time, and then ran off. Who wants to take bets on that bot gathering stuff from the fishing bots and doing something with the items gathered from those bots?

So you are saying they can’t track those items and their mules? i highly doubt that.

3 months after the bots are gone it won’t matter. If the game doesn’t survive that long the whole bot problem doesn’t matter.

Just calm down, let ags do their thing. When they got the resources they will surely deal with it. If they don’t there will be another game to play.

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I think the point here is that it does matter to the current active player base, and the lack of protections for such activity, and therefore lack of foresight for this kind of activity, is a pretty bad look for AGS. Their release platform is Steam, Steam Family Sharing is part of Steam (this is what bot accounts are abusing outside of stolen credit cards and/or Steam gift cards), thus they should have been able to foresee this exploit before it was something that could be abused.

You think that current playerbase is able to conclude it won’t matter after the bots are gone?

Probably, but they didn’t and now we are here. So what’s the point of discussing what they could have done instead of what they should do?

Since the problem is here now, my personal (if i was ags dev, which i am not) approach would be to shut up, work on a system which flags those bots, maybe throw some ai at it. But in any case i wouldnt start acting until i am certain i have a system to find those and future bots so it doesn’t become more cat and mouse game than it has to.

It doesn’t make sense to shoot 15 times and only hit a few every wave. Instead its better to do it once properly even if it takes a while to figure out.

Anyway, these threads are pointless. I am pretty sure they know by now, constantly making threads about the same issues won’t resolve any of them faster.

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This isn’t a problem that will disappear unless they are truly able to stamp out ALL of the coin that is ill-gotten and continues to be sold after they’ve successfully implemented mitigation tactics. You may not be a buyer of coin from these types of dealers, but I can tell you there are many players that will, especially if the economy continues to tank. These bots don’t continue without reason.

While I agree that multiple threads on the same problem may not be necessary - it definitely provides anyone new joining the forums an idea of what is happening, unbeknownst to them, and can have lasting impact on such small economies that exist in New World (especially those with smaller numbers of active users).

The stuff will get destroyed eventually anyway, either through spending, crafting or, in the case of gear, becoming obsolete.
Yes its bad now, but it wont be forever.

Disappointing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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