Theleme | Windsward Hamlet Conflict Reset


I am a governor from the Theleme Server, of the Marauder faction.

Last night a large number of players from the Marauder faction contributed faction points to put Windsward Hamlet in conflict. War was to be declared at approximately 4:30PM PST with a number of companies contributing to the war. Instead, the Hamlet displayed a message “Area is already under siege” momentarily, and then the territory returned to Syndicate control.

This represent a significant of hours put in by numerous players to create a memorable moment of the first war on our server. company is one of the marauder companies affected by this bug. If fixed, we would like to join other companies and declare war on the Syndicate in Windsward Hamlet after the designated period. Thank you.

I’ve added a clip with some evidence of the conflict gain for reference: Twitch

When Syndicate is doing PvP Missions in that Area too or in an Area u farmed before → it went purple back (depends on how much people doing it)

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