Theory crafting a build is pointless

First off nothing works like it is suppose to; no key nodes work on the int tree, same for every tree except dex. Most gems don’t work, like dmg when target on full health. A lot of the perks don’t work including the fireball one and so many others. the gear scaling (light/med/heavy) are bugged and don’t work - I mean what are we to do, we can’t trust that anything works like it is suppose to…does luck even work, does increase burn duration work, does any of the jewelry perks work…increased expertise crafting gear isn’t giving the increased expertise - I mean, what is this? this should be fixed immediately - you can’t trust that anything is coded properly, this is a major problem - if players can’t trust the game even works like it is suppose to the game will die - No point in coming up with a build, outside of the meta, because it won’t even work like its suppose to…

I am loving the game but i don’t know how much longer i can take this.

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