There are currently 3.7266x more AP players than AP player capacity

spot on SamSlade

That’s a horrible false equivalency. AWS is the biggest and most comprehensive server provider on earth. AGS is a subsidary of amazon. Server usage for their business is a literal tax ride off. It costs them nothing.

There is no excuse here. None. Zero. There are more players than there are servers for the region. And it isn’t even just AP/SEA. Look at EUROPE right now. This needs to be fixed immediately, and it can be. AWS is scalable with 1 click in the cloud.

Fix this. Now. No excuses.


That’s another issue. This happens in any MMO in the starting areas as there are too many people and are bottlenecked there. Once they start going around this is fixed.

no, because capacity is server wide, you cant force 500 fish into a bowl of 10 fish. Does not matter where they go in the bowl

That’s not true. The real issue is the player concurrency in a single spot lol

8 servers added to Australia Region since opening and only 10 for EU Central…cmon man open more EU SERVERS!!!

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I ask myself where all the players from Asia fit in. Based on Youtube, there is a huge player base in India alone. Where do they play, Australia? I did meet none of them in any beta.

This all should have been anticipated and prepared for - I would have increased capacity 2.5 - 3x based on numbers from open beta. So very disappointing …I know Amazon Game Studios was shooting for a flawless launch. Waiting 6-10 hours to simply gain access to the server and start playing the game is FAR from flawless.

It’s like they think that people play alone in an MMO

That’s not how companies work. AWS and AGS are most likely separate cost centers and AGS has to ‘pay’ for the servers just like any other customer, possibly a bit less.

I wonder where people get the idea that Amazon has millions of servers just sitting around doing nothing. No company can afford that.

After 3 hrs of waiting, I finally got in, leveled up to lvl 3 then DC. I reconnect & back to the queue because the server is under Maintenance.

No, that’s exactly how subsidiaries work. AGS, AWS, Primevideo and every other umbrella of amazon is a subsidiary. When AGS deploys cloud for NW on AWS, it’s an immediate tax deduction (business expense) for Amazon.

Why do you think PrimeVideo runs at a loss? Is it out of charity? No it’s because the infrastructure its built upon is literally free from tax deductions.

I wonder where people get the idea that Amazon has millions of servers just sitting around doing nothing. No company can afford that.

This is a hilariously inept and criminally dishonest in nature statement. If you have no idea how the cloud works, don’t even bother posting.

The entire selling point of AWS is 1 click to scale. Lumberyard the game engine AGS built NW upons main selling point is its AWS api for " frictionless integration with AWS " something that other engines don’t offer.

Anyway the cope posting from people here is out of control.

Amazon fix your game.


How do you know that there are over 300k orders just today?

Perhaps I am too old. I learned in my lifetime that there is no free lunch.
If you think additional servers come free of charge. Very well. Nothing I can say to that anymore.

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Look at you who don’t understand what a cloud actually is.

A cloud server still resides on a physical server simply hosting several virtual environments in some cases a cloud resides on multiple servers that talk together. In order for there to be a new cloud server, the physical server must first be turned on. That physical server won’t just be sitting around idling - that cost money. A lot of money. No one does that.
Not Blizzard - that by the way - run their own server farms as well. Not Final Fantasy XIV. Not Guild Wars or any other big MMOs. You don’t start out with a massive amount of servers, you add them if need be - because that does not cost you money while they are not in use.


Previous experiences tell me that the vast majority of the players signed up the last few days.
That was the case in World of Warcraft (vanilla) so much so that they had to stop the supply lines because their server capacity simply couldn’t handle it.
That was the case in Final Fantasy XIV and XIV: ARR

In fact, I doubt very much that it hasn’t been the case in whatever MMO you’ve ever heard of. Just today? No, but in the past week - most certainly.

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I get that they didnt want too many servers for financial reasons, but… A big company like Amazon should be able to throw some money around and have enough servers.
MMO launches are very important and people will talk about a blunder like this for a long time.

Funny you should mention that.

Solo play was high in their priority list of design goals for the game.

MMOs are the smallest gaming community there is.
The least profitable games around.

WoW made a nice 150 million dollar profit in 2020.

Candy Crush made 1,5 billion dollar profit in 2020.

COD made 2 billion dollar profit in 2020.

Honor of Kings made 2.5 billion dollar profit in 2020.

Not a single MMO is on the top 10. Top 20 or even Top 100.
Here’s why. MMOs are a niche in the gaming community. PvP MMOs are a niche within the MMO niche.

So. No. MMOs are not important. In fact they are very much not important at all. Least of all their launches. There has not to date been a launch without queue issues. Never. Happened. No MMO has fallen because they had large queues. They’ve failed because they had no content or did not live up to their promises. Never because their infrastructure was less than desired.

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That was very educational, thanks for taking the time to write it!