There are servers ruled by single companies, they own all cities

AND this one:

The first picture is far better than it is on my server. We have situation: all territories green, and one city from syndicate. Propably in few days and entire map will be green. No one ever captured more than 2 points from marauders on my servers. Best Player left because of that.

Make up your mind - single faction or single company? Because your facts are all over the place.

You also need to think about it a bit more, because you seem to have confused causality with correlation. The small and weak factions are not small and weak because another faction owns all the cities but the other way round.

There is really no point in talking about balance when a server is not populated enough. Give me an unbalanced server where there is >1500 players every day peak. If that is the case then there is a balance problem and the devs should take a look. They will certainly not look at a server with 200 players in peak because a balance can’t exist there. The game was made for more players.

Plus what about the taxes? Everyone pays taxes, no? You can lower them with standing regardless of the faction. You can profit from lifestyle bonus and workbenches regardless of the faction. The only problem rn could be that travelling is more expensive but this will change with the christmas patch.

I have been putting thought into this entire situation. I am thinking there should be some sort of “balance” mechanic for capture. This should be based on both the factions claim ratio (ie how many zones are to each faction) and how much population distribution there is.

I think something like “faster progress bar” generation would be a good start, but the problem is you still run into the entire concept of better guilds just zergging you.

I am also not a fan of the “alliances” that are going around where a single guild fills 60% roster with the people they want that are not in company. They should be company restricted, and maybe look at making it so that attacking team can decide how many to bring; this is largely due to the fact that smaller guilds need some option and validation in the situation.

I also would like to look at the option of auto-balanced gear scores for pvp, so gear does not matter for wars.

The game is designed this way. Not much foresight in it. Being able to change factions throws everything off, same goes for server transfers.

Our server is the same way, once it suffers player loss, the map is taken over and the company gaining easy territories is rewarded for destroying server balance and player population. What then happens, is the dominating company or faction is no longer getting any pvp action and then a new avalanche of player loss happens due to people quitting or transferring.

The worst part is the fact that the game design is fine and it had good ideas, but they were conceived in a vacuum, void of foresight and understanding of player behavior. Like planning a racing game with tons of new ideas and then implementing it into a world with tracks built in minecraft.

New World was unintentionally made to suicide on itself. EVERYTHING requires a high population of players AND those players deciding to strike a balance between full on slaughtering others and mercy. It’s just not happening. So far, they’ve shown no interest or experience needed to fix it, there’s only waiting for it to bleed out now.

Single company commands all other marauders companies in our server, all Gold income from cities come to them, in exchange they make gear for marauders, and pay gold to active players for being active. Also they dont invest in cities workbenches, there are sometimes tier5 workbenches missing on entire servers, they gain 500k weekly from everfall only.

sorry to hear that bro. AGS should get their sh.t together and do something about this as soon as possible.

this is an exploit. no excuse.

On our server it seems that we can’t own more than 3.

What server are you on?


There is really no point in talking about balance when a server is not populated enough. Give me an unbalanced server where there is >1500 players every day peak. If that is the case then there is a balance problem and the devs should take a look.

Eden, one of the top three, I would argue is fairly unbalanced. But then you have to define balance. A single yellow company controls through at the very least use of sheer numbers (and some may argue exploit/underhanded tactics, but not the point of this post) Brightwood, Everfall, and Windsward. They also control enough others to make them owners of more than Green+Purple combined, but honestly those are the only three territories that matter. They actively ignore places like Mourningdale or Weavers Fen, because there is no intrinsic value to locking down that territory.

Windsward and Everfall never stopped being huge trading hubs. Even when trading hubs were linked they remained the only areas with full T5 Crafting/Refining so maintained their status at the top. Brightwood is also a hub as it’s a key point for recall to get to the north (Shattered Mountains) and Ebonscale. So if you control those with a single company you are bringing in the majority of wealth in the server on a weekly basis. (Which gives you huge staying power because we’re talking ten+ million coin in some cases over all owned territory)

I don’t play as much anymore, but from what I hear is this company (and sub-companies) generally go out of their way to make other folks lives harder with this economic and player numbers power. New World is very much a world that rewards people being nasty to others. Worse I would argue it fails to capture the allure of Eve Online. Where 1) a grunt can join and feel like they’re part of the bigger picture and 2) there is so much valuable territory even some of the huge Eve companies can’t control it all realistically.

I’d argue that even in a full loot PvP world you’re really going for something more akin to Kino’s Journey murder is legal episode. You should be able to kill anyone anywhere, but the incentives / player mindset should be in a place where you generally don’t go out of your way to screw with other people.

I have not put a ton of thought into this because it seems useless to even try for war unless you are in a very large company. Basically i’ve been demotivated to the point i just dont care about war anymore.

The biggest issue seems to be the inability to change factions in order for servers to self-regulate.

Once a company takes a large portion of the map, it becomes so convenient to be in that company due to azoth travel, safety, and potentially tax payouts, that they naturally absorb other guilds who don’t have enough to recruit from. To put it another way, once a company dominates the server, it becomes a snowball effect instead of a diminishing return like it should be.

Wars and Invasion are fun content but they are absolutely inaccessible right now.
But once you own that territory you have defenders advantage, and if you’re in a large company you don’t need to grind as much. So you have a situation where people who dont play very much get to reap the most rewards. I could go on but… whats the point i guess.

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So new players come in and they might as well choose the one colour that owns the server – because now you can flag for PvP and safely get bonus gathering luck.

Might as well re-roll your toons into the same-colour faction on that server and enjoy the benefits. Just get a friend to hold your stuff, reroll your toon, get your stuff back – and then help them do the same!

@Lane @Zin_Ramu How’s your attempt to get people to flag up for PvP coming along? Working as intended? More loot, ZERO risk. Oh, and practically ZERO owpvp too!
Instead of desperate band-aids for PvP, how about you fix the broken underlying systems instead?

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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If there are no benches upgrade how are they making 500K? If a company isn’t taking care of a town, why pay your taxes?

Need to limit Companies to only occupy 1 town at any one time. It is getting abit silly, there’s about 15 companies on our server with 51+ members and 1 company has 5 towns on our side. And yeh it’s the same Extreme Tax… on everything and they can’t even defend the invasions.

Those people are the reason the server is dead. Most high pop servers are high pop because the strongest company has made an active decision to allow other companies to take territories and participate in the game. AGS needs to add more stop gaps from people conquering a whole map and ruining the server as some company owners and players are not smart enough to see the long term effects it will have on their own server.


Well, when you consider the directions of latest changes slowing down the grind, it almost seems like players are actively held back from that level of play/influence.

Having one company or faction controlling everything is working exactly as intended.
If it wasn’t the ultimate goal, there would be safeguards to prevent this.

Am I wrong?

This games economics and territory control structure is the worst in the genre.

The game is at the mercy of the top ruling companies . They can turn their server into hell and make others quit if they want to. There is not a single safeguard preventing huge inbalances. The economics are ruined so badly it is pass the point of no return. Only a wipe and implenting safeguards from that happening again would save this game.

When a company or a faction gets the upper hand once , there is no returning back because they gain a huge advantage. The servers that seem to have balanced distrubution is actually only balanced because the strongest company lets it . There is nothing stopping them from capturing or defending every city for another guild.

Owners of everfall and windshard make so much money they can equip all their members in voidbend , level all their crafting skills to 200 in couple days opposed to someone who is working his ass off to level a single crafting skill.

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