There are trophy dublications on servers

The title says the everything. Good luck developers. I hope we still play this game.

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Yep currently abaton is experiencing it atm. And tons of trophy’s are being sold at 1/5 the price. legit cheaper then the basic material parts. Dev’s should just bite the bullet and lock trading down

@Kay Will the trades be shut down. Currently I dont know how to replicate the steps but there was tons of major loot luck trophies selling for 1/5 the price as it was normally. Think this was already brought up and needs action soon. Already seen around 10-30 sell at that price as well.

we have major trophys for 10k probably it will be 1k in an hour at Midgard

bump, amenti our server is experiencing this aswell


and guess what. i bet the dupe is still lag bases

Thing is right. This was brought to the awareness of the dev team 5 hours ago. They clearly have a way to stop trading as they have done it before but currently that system hasnt been put in place again. Not here to slag off the dev team, they been doing some great updates and doing some great work. Just a bit weird why action hasnt been taken if they know about it and have a fix for the meantime to prevent more servers being effected.

nothing is duplicated. chests regenerate very fast . please use your head before you start crying

I think you should be using your head

You look like an idiot, nice try to cover up your duping bot

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you cannot be more wrong, take your own advice

this clown is telling people on multiple threads to stop crying when he is infact a brainlet who has no clue whats going on. troll

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