There be a direct correlation between CON mitigation and STR/DEX/FOC dmg

To me it seems fairly obvious that by default CON should be offset other Attributes.

For example,
50 con /450 at should be eqaulised by 450 att/50 con. E.g. same amount of hits all things being equal.
100/400 = 400/100 etc

Gems can remain as they are, although mages will always have an advantage as most prepare for physical.

Weapon perks are not even, which may be offset by light/heavy attack options or adding some decent perks to all weapons.

The game is much more enjoyable for me as a bow player now, but I still die if I make a mistake which is fair. The difference I’ve noticed the difference bbetween a 350/150, and 300/200 build is quite large. With 350 DEX I can kill people, but will die much easier. 300/200 I won’t do much damage, but will unlikely die unless i get caught in the melee zerg and even then I might get out of it.

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