There has been an air of Toxicity towards people PvP inclined

I’ve been nothing but shocked and appalled by a lot of posters and a good amount of threads that have been nothing but toxic toward people who also enjoy PvP aspects of an mmo, it is just pure prejudice against a gameplay style.

‘PvP will never work in an MMO’ and things of this nature are damaging relations towards a demographic of the player base which is in essence, toxic! MMORPG’s are naturally suited for PvE+PvP and there has been clearly enough history of that in the South Korean market, to think otherwise is simply a toxic way of thinking that FF14 and the like are superior!

Also, AGS
Your statement towards a trying and testing an open world PvP system, which was bare bones at best without any consideration for systems that would secure the lives of newcomers into the game and then just simply labelling it as toxic and calling it a day is toxic against not only a gameplay style but also going against in a toxic fashion normal practices in the mmo genre culture.

I was deeply upset by the harsh and toxic opinions of the community and had to make this post,

Ten Out of Xi? Interesting Conversation?


Real PvP players don’t whine.


I’ve seen more toxicity from PVP players calling PVE ones ‘snowflakes’ ‘karens’ and a bunch of other insults.

From my memory you have been one of the people who have belittled PVErs in other threads.


Casual PvE carebears always flock to forums, in every mmo.
Not sure what they want to achieve since this game will never get any meaningful pve content and wars play too big of a role in the game ecosystem.


Point proven. :slight_smile:


Its just a Mob of people typing “PVP” into the filter and jump on every thread waving their arms like a helicopter at anyone talking about PVP.

It is what it is. Its the same people. Every time.

Get ready for this thread to be more of the same.

I wanted to get your thoughts the most @GypsyMDFK

For this is a very important topic.

I call em karens for spread tears 24/7 to get what They want. Not for enjoying pve, Don’t merge terms in order to make ur words More valid.

If a hardcore pker fully geared with 400 hours of game do That, hell be a karen also for me.

We Are Here ( players and company) to discuss and reach a point where every playstyle get suited.

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Try out the Lost Ark beta. Infinitely better PVP than New World.

Are we talking about PVPers? I mean they seem to be the ones creating multiple threads complaining with tears that they are being neglected.

Calling people karens is a violation of the TOU. It’s nice that you feel you don’t have to follow the rules though.

Ten Out of Xi Incinerate Carens.

Hopefully people start figuring this out by now xD

If you do, it’s still very true what I posted! don’t you dare discredit me!

A very accurate post that’s underrated.

U know My point already, and I agree with u ( except the dammed trendy word, toxic, we aint made of uranium ffs)
Pve was a etage on every mmo ive been, farm, reach max lvl, better gears etc in order to compete with other players.
My opinion is that those players who’ve been kissing the floor during decades, found in this game a nice way to wipe that part of the game they never could be part of.

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Is this thread basically ‘Boo-hoo; PvE players insult us!’ while insulting PvE players?

What a circle-jerk. :rofl:


I am curious how many people who participate in wars and outpost rush are actual “PvP” people. You know the rust and ark crowd as opposed to people who are here for PvE and enjoy doing some battling without getting griefed .

Yes it is. It’s a derogatory term used to insult someone, it is a violation of the ToU.

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There ya go, I see two sides doing most of the same things. PVP enthusiasts tell PVE enthusiasts the game and gaming aren’t for them, and then it happens the other way around.

The real answer: most people are just grinding an axe and you can relax because most of what they say is them throwing things at a wall til someone pays attention to them.

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Your entire post sounds like a kid that learned a new curse word so they are trying to use it as much as possible to sound cool.
Watch out. That OX Is Clever.

I suggest that PvP people try to come up with cool new content for PvE, and PvE try to come up with cool new content for PvP. Maybe GAMERS can work together to improve the game and style and fun for everyone.


No, the use of the word karen isnt against anything. The Way you take My words its ur problem and not mine. As an Example we got ur answer to me. I clarified you what I said before and why, and U just quoted me back the part that hurted Ur feelings.

Congratulations! U passed the karen test by ignoring any constructive argument and focusing in what bothered u.

There is no outcome where this thread doesn’t turn into a flame war. Not sure what the constructive intention is here. From a neutral place I see conflict between two groups who both want different areas of focus in gameplay and often insult and diminish the importance and influence of the other group.