There is a bot running pvp quests against us in Windsward

Can we actually get someone to work this issue? The Bot is back at it running these loops 24/7.


Good luck, there’s been a group of bots mining iron right outside Everfall on my server for at least 8 days straight. I report them every day, AGS doesn’t seem to care much.


Doesn’t seem that reporting it is getting much traction. Can someone from AGS actually acknowledge this?


This bot is getting ridiculous, been running missions all day. When are they going to get this under control??


Same issue on Tritonis.
They are running the daily 3 bonus missions for gold.
It’s pushing our territory and hurting the server.

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More and more cheats by the PvP community.
Honestly, just shut the whole PvP nonsense down as there are clearly so many PvP cheaters determined to destroy the game mode and AGS can’t even issue bans to those who used the Invincibility cheats from weeks ago.

Completely remove all player influence from Settlements.
Instanced PvP only. And if players cheat, exploit, AFK, or otherwise try to ruin that too, then just remove all rewards and cut off further support and development.

PvP cheater and exploiters are wasting far too much of AGS time, have ruined far too many servers, have driven off far too many legitimate players – legitimate PvP player even.


I’ve seen the same bot running Windsward’s PvP quests as Marauder. We built tents to block their paths with company mates but they often get around them after a minute of being stuck. I’ve seen them cut the trees for the quest, pickup the briefcases, kill wolves and use my camp as respawn point, although this might have not been intended because the bots that respawned at my camp always tried to recall back to WW to get the quests and start over.


Same thing happening on Mictlan.

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Told in 1st week of october to AGS that they have to deal with this bot behavior, otherwise they will follow the same way as LineAge II in NCsoft.

NCsoft did also not enough, until alot of servers were infested with (chinese) farmers. Keep them reporting guys and kill them after if they do pvp missions.

If i was Amazon i would have online Game Masters that can get live reports and they can come check it out themselves…

this is next level, what in the heck lol

Same thing happening on our server EU-Youdu pushing in Windsward, Yellow bots with no company appeared the same night we tried to push for Cutlass Key (Yellow owned), and now Windsward is in war with the company that own Cutlass Key, too coincidental. If no company put enough inlluence lvl in the push, any company can declare war, this system is built perfect for the bot enviroment. We reported, but still waiting for Amazon to take actions.

24 hours non stop on my server…
At least the faction the bots are have said they will not declare and not support a war. Thanks!

Good that you have decent opponents on ur server

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What a mindless comment. This isn’t a PvP community issue, it is a botting issue. It just happens to be that someone decided to get gold by using a bot running the faction missions. It is just another form of the bots that were fishing or mining.

At least they’re easy to spot…


Gonna need to have a CAPTCHA implemented on the Faction Leaders. xD

On Vingolf, we are now seeing 4-5 bots active in WW that are the same faction as the defending company. Looks like they realized raising influence would trigger a response from players. I’ve also heard reports of bots taking over forts that grant travel related azoth perks as well. Please handle these bots before it becomes more pervasive.

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Hi again Amazon, I know i’ve been a pain in your damn side with a lot of posts, but honestly we need to get a handle on this bot situation. As the newly acquired governor of First Light. We have green bots that have 1 sole purpose of capturing our fort over and over again so their faction can have lower azoth costs. I am aware and witness the Windsward bots that they’re talking about on this thread as well. We have all reported these bots for bot behavior multiple times without any action seemingly being taken. I can’t even go about my time playing the game without having to run to my fort consistently to kill a level 11 bot and a level 9 bot that sets up a camp right outside the fort. Waits like 10-15 minutes and continually comes back in to capture it after I’ve recaptured it. I have spoken to one of them and the responses it gives a lot of the time don’t make sense to the questions I’m asking, almost as if they’re auto-triggered answers that the bot has on deck to try and appear like it is not a bot. Even if this for some reason is not a bot and a player who bought a second account. Leveled it slightly and is now able to contest our fort whenever they want while also playing on their max level account. That seems a bit outrageous because now what even is my defense to that? Buy another account as well and level it high enough to be able to also camp my fort with it and continually kill it? There needs to be potentially a level cap on capturing a fort because my experience of owning a territory so far has been kind of a pain in the butt having to deal with bots, etc and I can only imagine how Fmar and these guys are feeling having multiple bots from multiple factions including their own running PVP missions consistently in their territory. There must be some sort of action taken or we need GMs on servers again like the classic WoW days to manually be able to enforce actions and investigate. Hell, i work from home. Ill do it on the side if you wanna hire me! I love this game and don’t want it to turn more into crap. 600+ hours played already btw.

Same garbage happening on HyBrasil. 24/7 bot attacks all the time. Getting tired of having to move my stuff from town to town and I don’t even PvP. It’s making the game garbage for my guild (we have a ton of companies on HyBrasil) and really a grind to play. Shocked that Amazon hasn’t done anything about this. It’s a known issue and has been for a while. People are going to stop playing and take it as a loss and move on if this doesn’t stop. That doesn’t even address the tons of other quality of life issues that this game needs, like inventory management, perhaps a craft bag system, and a rework of crafting so that it’s not so darn grindy.