There is a faction of players who quit this game who are still waiting for PVP servers

Just a reminder, there’s a faction of people who played this game to max level on launch, realized there was no end game and no more world pvp, and promptly quit.

I just heard that this dev team who failed before to satisfy this portion of the player base is now planning to launch a major update.

Include fresh PVP servers, or continue to miss out on a segment of players who were denied the one thing they needed to stay around.

As a reminder, I don’t need forum warriors to come here and tell me why they don’t want us to have what we want from the game. This is a post intended for the developers of New World.


Its not like we don’t want you. We just think these servers won’t have sustainable population and AGS knows that. Thats why you won’t have these servers.

People want to PvP but they also want to win. If you will be constantly beaten by others you will inevitably stop playing or return to classic server. People are toxic af, we all know that. Given the opportunity they will bully you out of the game. Top dogs on servers will block everyone else from playing and eventually quit playing because they made everyone else quit.

But ye, lets have these servers. Lets try it so people who want them can see on their own eyes how naive their vision is.

Its nicely seen in other MMOs. 90% of PvP servers in WoW (PvP always on) are very close to monofaction either horde or alliance. That tells something about how much open world PvP people actually want. The only active world PvP is max levels (and usually strslth classes) killing people in low lvl zones so they can feel better.


should make a strawpoll

pretty sure that aint alot

TLDR: unsubstantiated, angry opinions about PvP players

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The real question is why do you care? A pvp server wouldn’t affect you.

Angry opinions? Im not angry at all, im just accepting reality. Why do you think NW dev team changed the course of this game from full loot PvP? Because of how people acted towards each other :wink:


Fresh start servers arn’t going to be sustainable as well but looks like they’re caving in for the returning players

This is forums, I can express my opinion about PvP servers and their sustainability.

Actually they will since they target to much broader audience.


There is a petition in another topic. 30 people answered they wanted PvP server.

Oh you mean one of those petitions that barely anyone gives attention to because nothing ever comes out of petitions :joy: :joy: :joy:

How is strawpoll here on forums different from petition advertised here on forums?

damn 30. of 30k :partying_face:

still playing player wanting something from devs is 1 thing
but ppl who quit the game is another

you want pvp servers ?
you can have it do your pvp thing in your server…

but dont forget this, even if they give you guys a pvp server… that sever will still need pve players… (or a merged market ) otherwise you have to farm all your mats yourself…
i cant imagine prices in pvp server…

and dont try to presure devs with ppl who quit the game.
those ppl will quit again the second they dont like something…
they are useless

Sounds like a fun challenge! Im a PvE player myself, why should I toggle PvP when I can run around safely collecting materials all I want.

PvP Server where everyone has to play with the danger and challenge of being killed would make the game awesome! If you dont like it just play on your PvE server on easy mode.

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Ye, its sick, PvP server would be almost full.

ye for groups

as solo thoose servers will be horrible

I’d be happy to support pvp servers but with pve servers having flagging for bonuses removed. I’m not interested in pvp servers, but I think a lot of people would want it.

there a petition now for a pvp server :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I‘m going to bookmark this so I can absolutely destroy your entire narrow minded point after the first fresh start servers got merged into regular servers.