There is a way to make 1200 gs weapon! report this asap!

I am not sure if it is visual or not, that is what I am talking about, because they talked they might increase the gear score to 1200 and this might be withdrawn from database and put in the game by accident or not

Dude stop it. Its a visual bug known for long.

Why do you think he isn’t showing the real item on his video?
Cause it can’t be made.

It only shows a 1200 score in this menue. You won’t be able to craft a weapon with this GS.

And now please stop hyperventilating and calm down.


I am not showing it, because I cannot craft it. My skill is too low and I don’t have mats, but I would try it out otherwise to see it is something that can be insanly abused in hours literally. And there is actually a item you need for this to craft it can drop from 45+ humanoid mob, world/random drop.

The items needed to craft this are unobtainable.

On a side note: Why does this spear (on the left side) axe (at the top) have a hammer perk?

I am highly confused.

It’s a visual bug reported weeks ago, just amazon can’t give af about bugs.

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This is a visual bug but you can craft gear at 600gs without having it for a watermark. hwm only affects dropped loot. not crafted gear.

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Mate the Game is already broken as it is.
That wouldn’t change a bit, except some may have a laugh

It is, but it won’t help fixing it with exploiting it even more

They are, and it has been confirmed that people have gotten the item

They are going to fix the bug today in the patch so that is nice to see, also many many great and amazing things actually are coming to the game, so well done DEV team and let’s hope it won’t be longer then 3 hours as they said, so 4-6 is completly fine with me :slight_smile:

Up !

Still does not seem fixed, I currently have exactly the same thing as in the video in my craft recipes.

Yeah, still not fixed but i think it is a visual bug so it will get fixed in few weeks/patches.

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