There is content everywhere. Take a deep breath and smell the resources!

I see so many people on Reddit, these forums, and multiple discords complaining about either nothing to do or they have spent 200+ hours in the game and there is now no content. The game has been out for nearly 19 days. That’s almost 3 weeks or just 456 hours.

Please, if you’re burning every waking hour into this game and rushing to finish everything there is, don’t complain about no content. A lot of New World is about exploring, crafting, experimenting with weapons, and of course PvP.

At the start of the game there is obviously going to be level gaps between a bunch of the player base due to it only being out for 19 days. Some people might be picking it up just recently after seeing Twitch streamers play it, some might have played for a bit and took a break. It doesn’t make sense for the majority of the players to be level 60 and people shouldn’t be treating the game like that’s what should be happening right now. Sure there is still PvP, but in a few months time the PvP will find it’s footing for sure and I cannot wait to see that happen. It sounds like a blast.

A lot of the content is this game is what you make it. It doesn’t hold your hand and tell you “go do this thing right now”. It gives you choices. Want to go level in a random zone? Feel free! Want to chop down trees for hours to craft or sell the materials? Have at 'er! Quest time? Quest time!

If you’re complaining about no content, maybe you just aren’t interested in the content provided. And that’s OK. You can not be interested in the content provided but it’s not the fault of the developers for that. It just means the game isn’t meant for you and you should go find a game where you enjoy spending your time.

Give the game time to mature and grow. Sure, there are bugs and issues that are being ironed out. That’s how game development goes. It’s a constant wheel that never stops. If you don’t enjoy the game, step back for a bit. It will be here when you come back.

Now I’m off to go find some ore and skin some animals. Maybe a few quests here and there, but we will see. Hope to see you folks inside the New World!


What’s even more amusing to me is that they can literally create content for themselves by attacking a territory and trying to flip it.

Unless of course they joined the strongest faction on the server to reap the benefits of dominating the server and now have no one to fight :slight_smile:

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Very rough definition of content here. If chopping trees or harvesting hemp is content for you, that’s totally fine.

Most players are complaining about the lack of (diverse) PvE content though. And this game shockingly lacks exactly that. Quest are copy and paste and always the same. Outpost rush is deactivated. Wars are a lag and zerg fest. Some endgame stuff and dungeons can’t be done because it’s bugged.

So if you came to play this MMORPG to be a crafter and gatherer, you’ve got plenty of content because that’s pretty much infinite (because it’s grinding). If you came here for PvE content, you might be sorely disappointed, because that’s what this game does worst at the moment.


Get out from ur cave… even the towns are copy/paste. The monster at lvl 60 ar the same as the ones from lvl 1-25, just higher lvl…
Same 4 kinds of quest over and over again.

If you fail to notice this and this is not pissing you off then you never ever use the word content because you dont understand its meaning.


We have Valheim for this which is a lot better on this kind of things, from Valheim they copy 99%.

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I spent the whole afternoon running around collecting pigments… There is a lot of distance between where the flowers are, and they are hard to find.
But I managed to find enough to make a lovely pile of dyes… I may sell it on the market if I can.

So yes, there is heaps to do in this game… just look for it.
It’s not all about fighting.

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I agree with the OP. I also think if you’re not enjoying the game … like the OP says … you should step back for a bit. If a game makes you angry then you shouldn’t be playing it, because it’s not exactly normal to get angry about simple entertainments.

I’d say the OP understands everything just fine, and there’s really no excuse for you being harsh and abusive toward him.

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Pray that ppl wont do this and will still stay around, if everyone who have the same complaints as me will take a brake now or quit, the game will be dead in few days because my complaints are the same as 80% of player base. IF this game lose another 200k players in next 7 days is all over, nothing can save it no matter what amazon will do.


I would wager that 80% of the playerbase has no known complaints. I doubt if ten percent of the playerbase ever says anything online. The success or failure of this game will have nothing at all to do with your anger, of that I am sure.

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15 times the same settlement game loop. You just move on from one to another.

I wouldn’t necessarily call that content, but you’ll also get to realize that.


Idk I dont remember musketiers doing some sick backflips when they were level 25. I dont remember any dual dagger mobs down that low either.

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Then you didnt explored enough!

But it isn’t fine, some of us have been anticipating this game for a while as its been delayed several times. The content they promised just isn’t there, I like chopping down trees and collecting Ore but this isn’t a survival game its an MMO, you have to have a solid PVE base to get anywhere, Chopping trees down and skinning isn’t PVE content its sandbox survival content, two completely different things.

Lets take the Mission Board in each town for example (every town is exactly the same and there is no character to any of them what so ever) which has you do the same thing over and over, lazy system with the exact same quests every single day at every single settlement, COPY AND PASTE JOB.

The mobs in every single zone are the exact same, guardians in every zone and the names and “mechanics” are exactly the same as lvl 1 to lvl 60. I think there are like 5-6 actual mobs in the entire game across all of the zones. Again, COPY AND PASTE JOB.

Each Settlement is the same like exactly the same, COPY AND PASTE.

Every side quest I have done so far has been exactly the same as the last one and leads to no story line or link in the chain what so ever.

The Main quest line has you do the exact same stuff you would do in the Side Quests and the NPC that you do these quests for have no character, they do not stand out and if you read the text for the quest given you would realise that even the creators got bored with this part of the game.

Quests “rewards” are absolute random, drops from mobs are random, its not hard to implement simple MMO coding so that these drops fit my spec majority of the time, especially after I have just complete a long Side Quest “chain” that has taken me around 2 hours to complete, just another grey weapon I cant use or gear not for my spec, the rewarding system is so flawed you just end up on the auction house which is the only way to get gear near to your spec, crafted gear is also never going to be for your spec as you cant change the stats… its 2021 mate.

The Dungeons have the same mobs as outside just more health and the bosses in these dungeosn/expeditions are the same mobs

This game feels like and plays like an Open sandbox game, not an MMO not even close. That is fine but stop telling people they are wrong when they expected an MMO not a tree chopping gatherer game.


It sounds like you don’t like the content of the game. Show me the promises where they guaranteed X content. You can’t. They can change whatever they want. You bought the game assuming it’d have what you want.

I like the random weapons and gear from quests. I like having to gather everything to craft it. All MMOs need to have to be a MMO is massive online players. Other than that it can do whatever it wants. It has RPG elements as well so it’s an MMORPG. They can do whatever they want.

If you don’t like it, don’t play it. Don’t hate the studio for making a game you don’t like.


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