There is much less War lag in this new update, GG AGS

Insane performance boost, good job boys, keep up the good work.



I love the part where you’re suddenly in the woods.


Flashback to everyone telling me they’re balancing combat around wars and OPR and that they shouldn’t focus on small-scale balance instead.

Who could have guessed? :crystal_ball:

Will be lagg free in about 2 months when no one is left playing it :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what they thought when they’ll nerf mages into the ground and tried to convince people it’s our fault for the lagg :rofl:
just like the usage of gold was our fault
Or the use of all the dupes was our fault
Or the spam of townboardquests without using items was our fault

Man this community. Small billion dollar indie AGS so perfect just the players just these players man!

Get ready for some more nerfs next week mages! Don’t ruin the servers!!


Worst netcode I’ve seen since Vanguard: Saga of Heroes chunk rubber-banding.


Can you imagine for 50v50 doing like that the servers can you imagine a ZvZ like in Albion ? …

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I was in the same war, absolutely unplayable. RTT jumping up to 7500ms, teleporting, slowmotion, complete gamefreeze, disconnecting, stuck in respawn loading screen…

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Hard to see if there is lag when your opponents are afk. Please find a better video next time .
The teleport to the woods was suspicious though

Void Gauntlets broke it. The supposed “fix” to the bandwidth consumed fixed nothing.

What amazes me is that AGS says they released a “Fix for war performance”.

Who’s doing the quality tests in AGS? Clearly they need to reflect on what they’re doing…

Yea I was in the same War and even as a Melee I was constantly getting teleported into the woods

Dark Age of Camelot was running better than this and this was 20 years ago.

reported for teleport hack :smiley:

the janitor

the cleaning lady on weekends

Probably two guys playtesting wars 1v1.

“Yeah man this runs really smooth now!” gg

This is kind of heart breaking.

Who knows, maybe someone in the future will solve how to have large scale fights with acceptable lag. Might even have been solved so long ago that the solution was forgotten, kind of like the pyramids.

AZG needs more aliens on the team, might even be the the real reason behind blue origin.

EDIT: I’m being very sarcastic here, sorry for that.

50 vs 50 is not large scale.

Alpha over 3 years ago had less lag than this with more players.

I loved the sudden keyboard smashing When things went south with the lag :rofl:

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alpha was also a 100000000 times better game than this abomination we have now

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