There is much less War lag in this new update, GG AGS

I find 50v50 to be large scale but that is besides the point I guess. Shame that alpha performed so much better than prod.

I was in 100v100+ sieges 2010 with full action combat, physics, destructible, low lag with decent FPS (graphics was shit). Networking shouldn’t be an lost ancient art and that is why I was a little sarcastic.

Three are games on the horizon pushing 1k people in combat, we will see if they achieve it. Tech demos look good so far.

It is all about the graphics and the animations, we are playing a MMORPG expecting the best absolute possible uber duper image quality when, in fact, it just can’t be…not when there are more than 10 players on the screen.
Think about Lineage2, Tera, GW2, WoW and so on…none of these have this kind of overall quality…it won’t get better any time soon if they keep all the animations this way.
I blame it on the “too good to be real” graphics quality.
Code just can’t handle it, and i’m not talking about the settings WE are using on OUR PCs.

You be wrong amigo, this is not GFX related.

It’s engine related, magic broke the game

maybe someone in the future will solve how to have large scale fights with acceptable lag.

Here, I have a war for territory control I was in yesterday that had about 1,000 people in it and it ran fine, no lag at all.

Well. I wasn’t in it. It was a video.
And also it wasn’t yesterday. It was 7 years ago.
Also it’s planetside 2.

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Ye Scavengers also proved that they can host 5000 players aswell
Different engines. But well, they chose this one.
And 100 and 1k+ is just such a massive numbers difference lol

They cant fix this. Should reduce wars to 30v30. Then 25v25 if that doesnt work.

Your game has to fit around the engines capabaility.

It seems to be AOE… lets remove it and make everything more single target. May even improve the play style and tactics.

so the new lag is coming from war horns this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Except they said it doesnt. Which means nothing these days tbh.

with all the clips and VoDs showing its war horns im pretty certain it is. otherwise people wouldnt spam them as warhorns are kinda bad

Has nothing to do with the graphic quality, that’s all rendered locally on your pc. This is server lag and netcode held together with glue and popsicle sticks.

I understand what you are talking about…im still wondering

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