There is no open world pvp and I'm not blaming pvers

Your world is so dull compared to all your hyped trailers and articles.

People are just running around in an almost zombie-like state, trying to keep up with their crafting timers, their gold income(tax, houses etc). None of my friend group seems to truly enjoy the game at this point and it’s only a month in(barely even a month).

Nobody flags, not even the actual pvp-minded players are bothered to flag and if you ask why, it’s actually a reasonable and logical answer: “why?”

Even if you enjoy PVP, the game is designed now in every way to punish you for toggling.
While an unflagged player can run around unhindered. NW almost turned into a bot-like game, similar to WoW where players have only 1 goal: “UPGRADE GEAR … and then wait for the next challenge to be added, new content/next big patch…”

Meantime, anyone who joined NW with the mindset that finally a game would be heavily mixing the daily mmo gameplay, with actual player content, aka player vs player. Whether you fought over a little resource spot or simply just pride and fun.

The open world now is just as dead as any typical MMO, all you see are characters you cannot interact with, who are busy farming X, Y or Z material, so they can go back to town and get 0.1% closer to crafting that GS 600 piece.

This is a DESIGN issue, not a player issue. I know of plenty of friends even just in my own friend circle who all joined for the promising looks of an MMO with active open world pvp and now they just can’t be bothered because the game works against you in every sense if you toggle up.

  1. As soon as you leave town to go search for w/e, materials/quests and you’re also flagged, you now have no options to join any other players. Every “feed” msg with ppl searching for someone to join for X, Y, or Z … they’re all non-flagged groups, because thats the standard, thats what the game design encourage. So as a “toggler” you’re locked out of everything once you toggle on.

  2. You can’t join the random events in the game… like you run through 20 ppl who are running a corruption train, you turn to follow and then you remember, ah shit, i’m pvp flagged, I can’t get any heals and no-one can get me up. This is completely opposite of being non-flagged, where you can simply follow any group of players and benefit from their heals and effectively join their “cause” on the fly in whatever they’re doing. As a “toggler” you can’t, game says no or makes it so again, it’s difficult.

  3. So if you ignore these super annoying walls, meant to dissuade you from toggling and you still toggle… then what the hell do you get for the trouble and for locking yourself out of all other content? (as if a PVPer ONNLLLYYY wants to pvp and can’t also enjoy pve?)
    Well, nothing. You get a bit of weapon mastery, which you could farm 100x easier in a non-flaged group on an elite spot.

New World … what happened to all your open world videos of random encounters in PVP and actual feeling of danger when exploring your zones and leaving cities to get resources…

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