There is no pvp in this game

Playing for the Marauder faction, when trying to appoint a war for the territory of another faction, a situation occurs that we cannot declare war due to the attack of the defiled on the city.

As it happens every time, the Syndikat faction, in order not to lose territories, specifically do not close portals with desecrated ones. Thereby preserving their territories and not giving the opportunity to attack their territories.

We have a war declaration button, we assign it, money is debited from the clan, then an attack of the defiled occurs and the war stops again.

We believe that this is a deliberate use of the “Mechanics of the game” in their favor by the Syndicate faction.

We ask you to understand this situation. There is a problem, it is significant and it is common.

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We have the same Problems but after the Invasion the war goes through

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