There is only 1 op weapon left and ags didnt nerf it! BOW

Look at how many people wants you to nerf bow. Do it or everbody will leave the game. Play ptr devs!!!

5 resilient, %30 thrust damage absorb. Yes its live server but there is no damage decrease at ptr. I tested it also


I don’t play bow. But I really have zero issue with them. Free kills when ever I see them


bow was nerfed on PTR abit, it lost stagger and dmg…
Do you even played on PTR yourself or not?

Even if bow dmg be tunned down more, players with good aim will rape you…Aim is matter more


Lets be honest, their hit box to land those shots are massive. All you need is decent aim and you’ll hit your shots.


Thank god AGS use data to make decisions not the opinion of people like this… your post history is rife with asking AGS to nerf so many weapons… Maybe you should look at what you are doing? As the guy said above with the changes to light armour, distance on roll and slow on melee hit… bows are a free kill.


I played it tested it. I dont want to discuss with bow players. They are all selfish, they know that the weapon is broken. Damage and hitbox is massive, has haste. And with the fortify change they will hit even more


Do u want data look at this data :))

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and u do not know why is it happends???
Remove Invigorated punishment ring, or fix it bug, and dmg will be normal…
But this works not only for bow, but for GS also :wink:

Never happened before. This clip means nothing. This video you posted only means that i will play with you like a child with no gear fully naked and with any weapon.

Bow hit box got nerfed. And no matter how much dmg they do. To die to bow is disgrace. To die in 2 shots. Uninstall and go play tetris




No one is dying in 2 shots from a bow.
I played bow when no one was playing and never killed a player in 2 shots.
How you die there is weird and we need more data so we can debate.
No its not easy to land. Maybe its easy to land if you just stay away and spaming shots. But those lands are useless. Actually you have no idea whats good bow players doing and why they playing bow.
If its easy everyone would play it and be good but its not and thats why only few same players always do good with the bow. Cuz they good. I was playing back door 1v3 bow players and killed all 3 of them with me only getting a scratch. Shame
Learn to play, learn movement and stop shaming youself that you die to a bow. Cuz on that video is not even a combat video. I need to record and show you whats real bow plays. Then you will understand no matter how much they nerf the bow. Still will be a problem in right people.
P.s Is not bow problem if i 1v3 and all of them miss everything and gets killed.


Dude u always talking about yourself. We played the game against and with the best bows in the game. This video belong my friend and he and me played the game always at top level. U should stop thinking about yourself and your bad opponents.
And your opinion is completely wrong. Do u know why people called opr like bowpr. Because there is like %50 of players are playing bow :)) why? Because its easy and hitting hard. Gg wp


Ags is not playing its own game. Had he played, he would have deleted the bow and the musket directly. They don’t realize how the players are suffering.

Everything needs to be nerfed until we can all only w+click, no :brain: needed. Also OPR needs to be just a long 1 person corridor. Actually … Why even have w+click… You apply to pvp (1 long corridor)and ur caracter automatically moves and attacks towards the middle, same for the enemy…

Perfect balance. Also everyone gets the winner :trophy: screen.


So if u look at my pervious posts after 6 months, ags did exatcly everything that i said before with the upcoming march patch. Without bow nerf?
So who is right then?? I said musket, hatchet and before that rapier riposte and now bow?

I agree that bow needs to be nerfed a little more. I see so many bow players saying that bow is difficult to play and I will not deny, that there is a decent skill ceiling. However the hitboxes of the standard attacks and abilities are too big for the damage they are doing and the only difficulty you have, when it comes to landing shots is when somebody starts rolling infront of you in close ranges, because you have to flick and track way more with your crosshair. Mid and long range shots, as we have seen in the clip are the real issue imo and many people get killed before they know what is happening, as we have seen yet again in the clip. I suggest implementing a damage drop for longer ranges, similar to the musket, but ofc the damage drop should start earlier. This would still give the bow huge burst on short to mid range, while being agile, so the weapon would still have its identity


First and foremost bow need to have both of free haste removed both the haste on roll and haste on weapon swap. Then we can look at balancing its damage output. With its damage output you can either keep its current damage and lower the heavy attack hitbox to match light attacks or you can decrease its damage curve so that the damage bows are doing at 150 con is the damage they do at 50 con, effectively making it so they have to play glass cannon to be doing the ridiculous damage they do right now considering their hitbox is the size of firestaff heavy attacks and flys faster.


We desperately need to see some more adjustments to Bow, it‘s just way too strong and I‘m really not looking forward to facing 50 CON Hatchet/Bow-Andys who absolutely delete me with 2 shots through 35% thrust resist for another 3 months.


We are exactly saying this. I hope they can hear us

50 con bow and hatchets aren’t gonna be as OP now. As other bows/mages will melt them due to defy death nerfs.

Bow still hits too hard tho.

You can run 40 percent thrust resist and you still can’t ignore bows. Imagine running 40 percent resist against any other weapon? They would just tickle you.

You just have to check output dmg in invasions to know how much dmg bows hit over other weps.

I still believe bow needs a flat 20 percent nerf across the board compared to other weapons.