There is only 1 op weapon left and ags didnt nerf it! BOW

The bow is the only range weapon that I enjoy playing, that being said It’s rare that I play it these days. I will say that as a heavy bruiser main I would rather come across a bow than a musket, if a bow is close enough to attack me effectively then it means the other bows/mages on my team are close enough to attack him.

THIS. ^^^ 100x THIS. It wasn’t an issue back in the day when the bow had a small hitbox, because you got one shot once in a blue moon, but nowadays, they shoot fridges and the bow users think they are gods, its crazy.


Bow heavies should cost stam. Fixes several issues.


bow was one of my top reasons for leaving the game so I agree. I check the forums every now and again to see if AGS addressed any of the pvp exploits and severe imbalances but so far I see no reason to return.

Dear AGS

Dont believe these propaganda posts. If anything, the bow was nerfed too much.

28% decrease to evade shot

25% decrease to deep strike

33.3333% decrease to long range

50% decrease to opening strike

25% decrease to finishing shot

For a total of 161% damage decrease from all perks bows should be using.

bow went from 3 staggers to one.

bow got the worst crit modifier out of all the weapons.

If you guys are getting killed by bows, the problem is you, not the bow.

Bow is less than half the weapon it use to be from live to PTR.


Bow nerf will be cool, but:

  1. Why u don’t dodge after 1st shot? There was a lot of time to do it. Dodge + Dodge + Health potion + Reg potion → you are full HP again.
  2. In your build, you must take at least 150con
  3. Where is your desert sunrise?
  4. OPR is a pew pew mess, don’t play it

It would make sense if it consumed Stamina as you held it. Like as you begin pulling bowstring back it statrts consuming stamina and doesn’t stop til you release the shot.

To compensate they should reduce the hit box and make the bow get more accurate the longer you hold the shot.


This has got to be one of the most disengenuous posts I have seen recently.

To quote a 161 percent dmg decrease is ridiculous.

In terms of total output dmg it’s about a 10 percent dmg decrease. Which is similar to the dmg decrease most other builds are seeing.

The thing is, bow is already outputting significantly more dmg than other weapons in opr and in invasions. It still needs further balancing.

Post an opr recording

he plays SnS/GS/Spear Which hard counters bows and muskets in particular but is terrible at pretty much everything else. He also is probably only talking about 1v1, which is irrelevant since the game isn’t balanced around that.

Is your server not particularly bow heavy in oprs?

Honestly one bow isn’t like unwinnable even if they’re one of the really good ones, but in my experience there’s almost always at least 2 other bows or other ranged type lingering around that will definitely immediately jump in. So that becomes much harder.

Idk if you’re on cos but several weeks ago when I did some oprs on there the oprs seemed much more balanced. It was like a breath of fresh air lol. On Isabella it’s like mostly ranged builds a majority of the time

yeah every server I play on is bow heavy except for like an hour before wars because the bruisers log on to warm up. Multiple dex is 100% the problem, because you always get 3rd partied from an arrow that does >60% hp that you weren’t even aware was looking at you.

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Getting chunked by someone off screen is the literal worst lmao


Yep this is also the reason basically all light melee kill squads have fallen out of play entirely in comp pvp. A group of 3-4 light melee have to exhaust all of their abilities to potentially kill ONE person in a 4 man dex squad. At that point the light melee have no more gap closers and all get killed by the remaining 3 bows, that do comparable damage to a greatsword yet at 15-20m away.


How is that compensation? If it’s already draining stamina while you hold it, why make the hitbox even smaller? Legitimately a horrible idea that doesn’t take into account other forms of content.

Let’s make every heavy attack in the game consume stamina then.

You people who hate bow don’t care about balance. You just want to make it a bad weapon. And you all are probably really bad at bow.

im telling you bro thats why one of those KS guys need an exhausting net shot blundy :eyes:

yeah ive’ seen people try that. It never seems to work out, because cleanse + rapier/berserk. Only way to counter bows/dex is with your own bows/dex or solo assasins (although that is only for stack resetting, you will obviously never get a group wipe)

I have a luck bow I sometimes hold when I’m killing banes… I shot sekeltons in the head with it…

Hate bow and everything it stands for.

Also great sword attacks do consume stamina when in the one stance…

You just don’t want you op ranged weapon to be balanced

Great so we know not to listen to you for balance ideas. Thanks!

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Certainly don’t need to listen. But there are a lot of people that don’t like getting shot by folks from range with no opportunity to interact with you due to non stop stamina rolly Polly. It’s a terrible gameplay style.

The damage or the escape needs to be reduced to balance it.

And the dudes sitting in cliffs over the opr fort shooting down into it are just toxic