There is only 1 op weapon left and ags didnt nerf it! BOW

you played PTR but has no actual footage of damage on PTR, how gracious right? only live servers :))

if you get the haste out of the weapon it’ll just become a worse 2.0 musket, with light armor nerfs, if you get touched by a melee you basically die, you guys have no sense how bow feels defensively, the weapon has no defense whatsoever, you get rid of haste you basically have a potato sack that occasionaly deals a lot of damage

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I’m actually kind of confused on where this 10% number is coming from

You can’t just add them all up either though that’s not how it works. For example the opening shot passive only effects literally the first shot on a full HP target. How can one in good conscience just add that percentage to the overall nerf as if it effects every shot taken lol.

I play Bow… TBH I would LOVE to have some of the DMG output some folks accuse us of… I think on a Crit Im lucky to land 2500-3k with penetrating shot, 1200ish on a full draw hit no crit… thats with 300 Dex, Im sure I dont have BIS Bow, but still…

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Brah it’s not an accusation bows do hella dmg lol

I don’t what others are saying, but it’s pretty obvious bows are massively overperforming on dmg dealt in opr and in invasions. And it’s by quite an obvious margin.

couldnt agree more bow goes 400 dex because they can kite with haste and have such fast animation abilities that can be chained after a light or heavy attack. Which pretty much means that 3k heavy with pen shot right after turns into easy 6k not including procs. That is as much if not more than BB which has to actually close the distance with it target.

Now do you see why ppl are upset with bow current implementation. You die to melee if they catch you because you dont run any resist to melee and you dont even attempt to run over a 100 con. You can fool people on here who nevered play bow but not me.

The weapon is doing to much damage for how little risk it has. And no medium range is not a risk with the amount of haste you have to reposition and kite. If your getting caught that is your fault and you have nothing but defense of weapon off hand rapier/spear/hatchet/GS to CC and reposition.

yes bow dmg is op , but you can not just nerf ranged dmg without first nerf healing by 50%.
otherwise ranged gona be totally trash.

Rightnow, melee with pocket heal > ranged solo > any other solo.
if AGS only nerf ranged dmg, then it wil lbe melee with pocket heal > anything else.

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This is very true.

They could nerf range damage, but give range attacks disease to combat healing…maybe that might work?

Otherwise, yea, I think they’d have to rework the life staff before they can balance range v melee.

ive played bow, you have rapier spear and hatchet for surviveability and evade shot. It doesn’t need haste.

Thats not how math works. At all.

Bow is getting buffed this patch whether you believe it or not; it’s going to do about 10% less damage overall, but shirking fortification is practically worthless now, so it’s going to do more damage in situations that actually matter. If you play bow, just keep playing it exactly the same way; youre guaranteed to feel stronger.

In other words, the meta should revert to what it looked like before shirking fort. Go check out some videos on youtube, it’s 100% bow rapier or musket rapier. Musket’s getting meaningfully nerfed by needing to take Accuracy on wep now, but that’s not enough either.

Don’t pay attention to this topic. This guy created similar topics. Just trolling.


ye sure man

This is the way.

This is alsi completely true. We also need a aoe disease i think

A very important update for the future of the game. However, if the bow and musket do not receive the necessary nerfs, unfortunately there will be no pvp in the game. everyone will play bow and musket as they do now.


You have eyes mate? If the answer is yes, then go on and look up the nerf list for both bow and musket, and then go on YT or PTR and see these changes yourself.

Musket is dead now.
Bow got nerfed in-line with all other weapons.

It amazes me that all melee players want is to 1-shot everything, get own healing and health buff, be immune to stuns and staggers, and also have the ability to catch everyone else. It has been the same ongoing story, especially seeing likes of @edizygt spamming literally the same threads and answers for days, if not weeks.

Did you realise there is more to NW than PvP? What is the basis for this moaning-fest, stripping musket players off of their ability to use their favourite weapon in say, expeditions? Or now advocating for further bow nerfs so that other people playing bow would find themselves unable to utilise it in ANY content within the game?

@PhoenixDFA All classes are getting nerfs to their DMG output, along with various armour nerfs - just like every other weapon, the bow gets their damage reduced, and is also going to be more susceptible to incoming damage. Not to mention, again, the musket does no longer exist, at least on PTR.

I absolutely wish that AGS removed ranged from OPR, bringing proper balance to PvE, meanwhile I would watch this circus and all of you monkeys, while munching on popcorn. It would be far more entertaining seeing such OPR than any Netflix series.

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We gave u some examples but i can understand that why u didnt understand them from your nickname.

Every bow and musket players ruined the game like 6 months already. look at how many post was created since 6 months ago about this bowpr and musketpr problem. And u other selfish guys still want to stay at same position. Ptr changes are not enough, little nerfs to damage and the fortify change will be a buff for them did u realize that? I dont think so.

İf musket and bows still as same after the patch u will play the fame 10k peak player number with all bows and muskets. Pew pew game