There is something seriously wrong with the CC's after the May Patch (New Exploit)

It’s been almost 3-4 months… bro…


level 80 sword quest on maw boss took 4 months to fix from start of game, this a minor bug give it 2 more months. lol

in a game where it’s supposed to be highly competitive, this should bother everyone, specially given the amount of time it’s been around. Not even close to a minor bug… it can be exploited to gain massive benefits. Just look at the main video the OP posted… people are already abusing it to try and win Arenas… one of the more competitive modes this game has to offer.

Exploiting is exploiting… Those abusing it to exploit a reward or benefit themselves should also be punished… We can’t let this garbage slide… seriously. we don’t need any “Oh don’t worry it’s fine, they’ll patch it” or we’ll have another weapon swap, uzi fire staff situation again… remember that one? was that a minor bug too? XD


Arenas were a waste from the second they made them. They ruined so much of our game for them. Honestly all’s it dose is let people get up with there other wep in hand. What you showed was you run after getting knocked down from a bear, there’s no stun in there so ya can swap weapons on knock down. Same as when you jump can swap emm, the knock down swap thing was in patch notes its meant to be that way.

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Also if a dodge is used stam is used unless you have evade other wise your jumping and running which you did lol

The day someone can just admit they were wrong without beating around the bush, trying to nitpick and split hairs, argue about every little bush surrounding the main issue first, and just be like… yeah that sucks… my bad… lmao

No it was not… smh… the knockdown swap thing? there was never a mention of being able to swap your weapons while you’re knocked down to have your character glitch and have no animation but stand right back up instantly… wtf? If you get knocked down after receiving any type of effect ie damage or otherwise, you get a free dodge roll despite armor weight…

This bug the OP is talking about came in when they changed the weapon swaps to be more fluid and instantly swap. Same patch where they changed the dodges to not stall.

This literally has nothing to do with the OP… or my point… and no, I didn’t jump and if I did, that would also be a bug/exploit that would need polished out… nobody should be able to get up instantly from a knockdown, that’s how the knockdowns are designed, it’s technically CC… When you get a free dodge roll, then it’s all good.

I dodged because it’s an Iframe lol the bear would have flattened me again. I simply showed how fast you get up when you hit your weapon swap if you get knocked down. it cuts virtually the entire animation of you laying down and getting up which is 2/3rds of the whole CC length… Do you get it? It’s an exploit… It doesn’t have to be used in Arenas or OPR to be an exploit… people can do it on hard mobs that have knockdowns to instantly recover… competitively or casually, it’s only used to gain a benefit that nobody else should get.

The “Free dodge roll” mechanics however, IS intended and it works 100% of the time too, you just have to time it after said damage intake and you’re golden… but that’s NOT what is going on here.

Tip, go slow motion on the playback speed, you can clearly see my weapon swap highlighting indicating I weapon swapped, and THAT is what stood me back up. The dodge after was so I didn’t get flattened again… iframes… Now the free dodge roll, for that fight, only comes on the second stomp the bear does… go test right now and watch… the first stomp you’re stuck on the floor, the second stomp, you get a 0.33 second timer in which to activate your free dodge roll.

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Yeah I understand your frustration man. I don’t get why people are trying to lecture us on the “free roll mechanic” when this post clearly isn’t about it. I guarantee they read the title of my post and instantly started typing their reply without even watching any of the videos that clearly shows it’s not the intended mechanic they’re thinking of.

This is not some new mechanic they added. It’s a bug and it’s being exploited and I’m not surprised there’s people out here somehow defending it or denying it lol. They’re replying to ShadowFox with completely misleading or wrong information which is only gonna drag out the fix further. These are the same people that are gonna be crying once this becomes public knowledge and everyone starts doing it.

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All this means is: Use it too till its fixed.


So what this tells me is that people in light armor using hatchet and rapier as sissy escape weapons will consistently be immediately unstaggered and unknocked down, when they spam their weapon swap like they already do to get out of trouble.

The very skills we use to stop them and attain a damage window will be useless and they’ll just roll away like they’ve been doing for months, but now they’ll be untouched.

And this will persist for a month or more and not be hotfixed soon.


Did I miss anything?

Ah yes, someone should test it on roots.

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I like the idea that mechanics get given a chance to be analyzed and considered and adapted into the game. This whole “everything that is out of the norm is an exploit!” Movement is really limiting the possible innovation of the gaming culture. I’m not saying get rid of something or keep it. I just want people to take a look at the possible opportunities and discuss how there might be a fun way to implement a bug into the game as an intended gameplay feature. In this instance I can see the opportunity to make a tiny reaction based window saving a player from a knockdown. If there was a high risk high reward factor, say being able to fail at an attemt to tumble out of a knock down and taking an extra knock down penalty time.


Can the developers please explain how breakout and CC duration reduction now work? I think this is a knowledge gap, not a bug.

This has been explained before in a few different posts.

CC’s of the same type, shockwave for example, build diminishing returns of 50% duration after the first attack, and another 50% after the second. If you are still alive then, the third shockwave will not CC you at all. Differing attacks do not build diminishing returns.

Breakout dodge roll happens specifically with stagger, in both pvp and pve, if you are staggered multiple times in a row it works on a similar hidden timer. It was meant to get you out of walls and such when you get staggered my mobs into corners or against railings. Basically if you mash shift you will get a free light armor dodge roll once that counter builds up.


Its not the cc rollout.

You can see it in the first 2 videos. No grit. Light armor. no second CC hits.
He switches from rapier to spear when hit with a javelin (and knocked on his butt by it so grit didnt stop it) and is immediately standing up and goes straight into a light roll that does not have the cc rollout effect.

You can see him spam the weapon switch.


Thanks for this! Now I cancel out that kick + jav + powershot combo

I was starting to think that maybe it was an I-Frame catch up, but i noticed that the health from the impact stayed missing. I think in the case of a catch up it would have reverted the damage, i checked in each clip. I think this is a useable exploit and should probably be submitted to bugs.

It’s not, you’re clearly not paying attention. People have been showing and confirming they can break knockdowns by just swapping weapons while on the ground, It’s an instant transition. That’s a bug, and people are clearly exploiting it.

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welllll. it’s almost been 3-4 months already :confused: I made a post awhile back with a video… here we are today XD

it has been reported and responded to, at the very least 2 months ago.