There should be a "final push" type event in open world before a town gets an invasion

Breaches don’t seem like much of a threat when its just represented by 3 tiny icons on the map. And breaches are fairly far from towns. It doesn’t feel like the town or any area is really in a threat. When stuff gets downgraded a lot of new players are asking “why did this happen?”

There should be an open world pushback that all players can join in to push away an invasion (temporarily) . Like maybe seeing corrupted “veins” getting closer to a town. Those veins would lead players to the closest breach its connected to, that way people are already organically grouped up to take out the breach and any other if they choose to.

Obviously people can ignore these, so i wouldnt want it to be a threat to newbies that come across it. so it should not be enemies fighting back but rather objects every players can damage.

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