There should be an "unranked" random 50v50 war queue like for OPR

Seems like a no brainer to me, the vast majority of the playerbase especially on a med-high pop server will never get the chance to participate in a war if they aren’t one of the best geared members of the best companies, adding a war-like game mode battleground that works the same as OPR completely solves that, and lets casuals participate in a fun part of the game without diminishing the efforts of the schweaters in the overworld.

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cant fill a 20 vs 20 lets make a 50 vs 50 YESSSSS

Sorry about the situation on your server, I have not experienced this issue where I’m at, get instant or near instant queues anytime day or night so far for OPR.

:frowning: i wish

A battleground war-like would be leet. I hope something like that is on the list of new OR maps.

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