There's a difference between "failing launch" and "intentionnaly failing launch"

I see people being nice with the dev team, trying to be “positive” or idk what.

I see people blaming other for review bombing on steam.

I see people calling these queue “normal like any MMO launch”.

This is NOT normal, and this is not a “fail”. Unlike many MMO launch, New World launch fail is intentional.

They had many alpha, cbt and obt (with queues issues already). They had stat thanks to pre-order selling. They knew alot of people were coming.

The game isn’t suffering from stability issue like MMO launch usually do. Thanks to it’s many testing, and AGS ability, the server are very stable for a launch. You don’t get randomly disconnected, you don’t lag often. It’s overall smooth for a launch.

Main problem is queue. Ie. How much people are trying to play vs how much the server can handle.

Im not talking about queue of “server trying to process authentification and getting overloaded”, like many MMO launch.
Again, the server handle that nicely.

It’s really a queue of “how many slot there is vs how many people try to join”.

There’s no fail here, AGS knew, AGS purposely decided to hardlock the spot to minimize server cost and avoid using ressources they won’t need later (due to playerbase lowering fast after launch, as usual).

Stop calling it a “fail”, really, they knew, and they choose to ignore it. They picked the “minimize cost way” over the “priority to smooth customer experience”.

And you paid for that. You paid for a product you can’t access, not because of bug, not because of failed launch, but because the company choose to prevent you from accessing the product you paid for in order to lower their cost.

But don’t be dog, and review that. That’s the only power you got against that shit. So do it, and know it’s perfectly fine to do it.


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