There's no point anymore

Our server is officially dead due to imbalance and bugs. Just faced 30-40 IG’s in a war exploiting the known movement bug with BiS ice gauntlets for people that don’t even use this weapon, because of that WW, EF money. I love this game but this imbalance and exploitation has killed our server. What’s the point anymore. We brought the best of the entire server to try and challenge this fight and couldn’t even cap a point, why am I getting better gear if it’s just going to get beaten by someone applying permaslow to me.

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This is just a re-run of what happened at launch when exploiters won wars by triggering severe lag with the ice gauntlet. And then the invincibility cheats when they just wiggled their window to get invincibility.
AGS even admitted that it had been a strategy to exploit it.

You and all legitimate PvPers should have left long ago and downvoted New World on Steam. But you stayed and kept playing with cheaters and exploiters even though AGS did nothing about the exploits and cheats which were showing up basically a new one per week.
That validated AGS’s approach and made them think PvP was working.

@Lane @Zin_Ramu @Luxendra PvP should have been deleted long ago. AGS can’t or won’t ban cheaters and exploiters and since launch it’s been just a farce. Banning cheaters and exploiters is absolutely mandatory in every single PvP mode and you haven’t even bothered to try.
AGS doesn’t even clearly state when things are exploits and should not be used. Maybe because they can’t even take any action. And all the cheaters and exploiters know this and brazenly cheat.
Since beta they’ve been using mass reporting to delete players and your ignorance has only allowed and encouraged them to keep using mass reports.

And AGS didn’t insulate the rest of the game from PvP so the servers are ruined.

I notice in the last dev video (#2) it didn’t even receive so much as a mention. Not a big deal then that you’ve lost over 90% of your player base since launch?

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