There's no spam filter for ingame chat. Amazon, that's called incompetence

Not one of you at Amazon thought implementing a spam filter would be useful? People fall for these scams. Just telling people to mute it isn’t enough, because people fall for it.

I’ve never seen this much spam not result in an instaban. This should be the easiest autoban this game has had yet, instead of banning innocent players.

NA East Valgrind

Hello @BattlingBacon
The reporting system on the game does not use bots, all reports are manually reviewed by a human and no part of our game moderation is automated, we do ban this conduct but it the penalty as to be issued by the team
I do get what you are saying so I will take the feedback to see what we can do to at least make it less annoying in the meanwhile.

I logged in to this game again. It has been two hours lol

2 hours of spamming. You’d think if bans were truly automated simply by number of reports then this gold seller would have been banned by now.

That ain’t cool at all, let me see what I can do, for the moment do please report everything you see this kind of conduct, that way we can see it faster.

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