There's still time to save the game!


whoever stays in the game will be playing GAME BALL IN THE OTHER AI! wow, that’s cool, let’s play fireball.
Ironies aside, let’s be serious.

1: nobody likes easy game.
2: easy game is not fun, the game has no motivation to reach the end of the game and have good weapons and so on.
2: Animo easy game to keep playing. the players go away quickly look for other difficulty and outar adventures.
3: game should have a much more efficient anti hacker.
4: THIS UPDATE was totally awful, a crooked meta change.
5: don’t skip a class to excel the other.
6: there’s still time to review this!


Hard to read but I totally agree with the sentiment

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i either have deja vu or this is repost

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Hard to read but I totally agree with the sentiment.

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For the first time since months AGS on their best way to save the game’s pvp.

All we need now is Team Deathmatch, more Maps for arena/opr and reduced Healing in PVP (not “dampened healing”).


This is very true, but it is also essential.
Until AGS implement these changes, nothing will improve.


The game is becoming a fantasy/renaissance call of duty… that is not what the game should be. Melee should have a seat at the table. This is not a fps



You guys have been at the head of the table since the game released

I realize it looks that way to people who don’t even want to understand the meta.

Again I will repeat… it is healers and vg thhtat allow bruisers to function. This is why bruisers suck in every other game mode, and even/especially opr when that solo que.

Bruisers didn’t need a nerf. Healing and the vg empowerment& root should have been the target. If there was even actually a problem.

I would argue thre classses working together should be powerful and desireable… much better than a lone wolf bow/musket getting 40 kills without any interaction with/from anyone.

Bruisers were not op. Bruiser backup by vg/ig and healer? Yes. And it should be!


I never said to nerf bruiser. I think they’re necessary to the game. But they have been meta for too long. The devs want to open up more build variety. It still doesn’t negate the fact melee will still be dominant and be the role that wins games.

Also the fact you’re admitting you want your build to be OP speaks volumes lol

Lol… not what I said, but whatever. Also, They are nerfing all melee.

Buddy, they’re nerfing everyone but mage. Try to see the bigger here instead of tunnel visioning on your own build

The reworks/nerfs are amazing. Looking forward to seeing how the meta shifts, and what melees do when they can’t win by doing the grav well maelstrom LMB spam combos while relying on shirking fort and a healer to keep them alive.

Just to talk like they’ve accomplished something difficult.

Less unga bunga will be nice.

The fortify nerfs hit melees much harder than other classes… they are not nerfing bow at all, just reducing it slightly along with the fortify change… hatchet great axe and hammer are getting hit extremely hard

Stop tunnel visioning yourself and read the patch notes, and play on ptr. I see the bigger picture, it’s bows and fire staffs for three months.

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friend, if you think so, tell me how many nerfs the witcher has already taken? you know? I know because I’ve been playing since the beta!

friend, the question is the witcher didn’t need to nerf the musket either, the wizard neither because the wizard is already strong by nature (how many nerfs and buffs has the wizard already taken, you know?) the question of the musket would be like I said, just a good one anti hacker that blocked the use of IMBOT now don’t kill the class so that nobody plays with it… think about it let’s screw the musket class so that nobody else plays it anymore let’s buff the mage so that the IMBOTS kill everyone with 3 shots now since the mage doesn’t have a shot in the head, just a crosshair locked on the target! there is still time to revert this update, there is one more thing DIABLO 4 is at the door the TL project also this new meta will sink the game more and more… I love the game I bought it before the alpha came out so I’m talking about how play test game!

That’s cool, you’re just saying that.

buff my wizard because I don’t know how to play with him and I need to kill the wizards fast, please spoil the wizards so that I can play and have fun because my player is stronger than all. Friend, this thought is very bad for the game, no one is saying that there is no need for changes, not these grotesque changes to which they will be integrated.
sudden shifts unnecessarily.

in my view the changes in brute are very big and very glaring.

I agree with you.

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I love you man!

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Fire Staff buffs aint as good as players are making them out to be.

Sure, there will be a good amount of em at first, but players will eventually go back to their original builds.

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