There's still time to save the game!

believe that what you said will not happen.
this will only happen if they revert the buff

Age of muskets (last 8 months) tells a different story. There will be a reduction in bow/firestaff in three months when the revamp a new meta.
This is a terrible way to run an mmo

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Seems you never faced an even below decent GS hatchet player in Arena then.

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What does that have to do with my comment? I didn’t mention arena or hatchet or great sword…

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Why reply to me in the first place if you want to discuss something offtopic?

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What do you want to discuss?you quoted me first

I’m done replying to someone this delusional and/or deceptive.

Bow is getting 30%-40% nerfs to multiple talents, 35% damage nerf to evade shot, and losing the stagger off of rapid shot. You can try to make an argument this isn’t enough, but to say they’re not getting nerfed is straight up false.

Because the broken things of the bow were left intact, these are the permanent and passive movement speed, and the accuracy at long distances.

So the OPR will continue to be full of archers, nothing is going to change NW daily PVP

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It’s not broken, you just need to improve your skill. Find a better build or adjust it if there are a lot of bows in one match. You can’t play hammer/axe and expect it to be a one size fits all for every situation.

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It’s that you don’t understand.

Historically most MMORPG players always choose broken DPS classes (in the case of NW “weapon”), it happens in all MMORPGs.

Here in the NW it’s no different, that’s why the game is full of bows and muskets.

And that’s the current problem with NW OPRs.
If they don’t remove the movement speed perma and passive, and that they can shoot from a safe distance with accuracy, nothing is going to improve in NW and the OPRs will still be inundated with arcs.

Sorry but this sounds like a L2P issue by a very one dimensional Bruiser.

Bow has been nerfed enough in the past and as a light Mage I must say they are far from broken.

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Like the haste passives and gap closers aren’t enough on melee weapons lol. They also have to just land one hit for an insane slow.

But nah the 10% haste is too much on bow. Legit the bare minimum to kite against melee nowadays.

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Is it that they don’t realize that the OPR are full of archers and muskets?

Do they think they use these weapons because they do little damage?

Or that it’s full of these weapons because they’re so hard to use, and all those players want a challenge? xd

The bow is broken. You are either blind, or you are trolling.

I noticed you have an ax and hammer rage!