These are the skins we want to be sold

Please help us. We WANT nice skins, not those things you are adding.


agreed. I think they can do a better job on that. But first please fix the game and remove bots.

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I agree. I wouldn’t pay money for the skins in the store, I would pay money to NOT look like the skins in the store. Please find some alternative inputs to the creative process when making new skins because the current direction is not where the money’s at.

There are a number of threads asking for a different armor aesthetic. Quite a few of them are asking for less glowy/pointy and some more related to the overall aesthetic.

Ijust want belly smacking emote @Luxendra

Please let us spend our money on emotes / skins. Majority of players who left playing would love new skins / transmogs for our armor / weapons

What? no no…

this is what the real men of 2022 are wearing

Yeah @Luxendra, please <3

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