These bosses should be level 64 not 63

I was reading the ptr and noticed this change, but the problem is a level 63 mob can only drop up to 590, not 600 as it says.

Yes, you can upgrade with umbral shards if you get the named item at 590 but the chance is so incredibly low to happen.

  • The following list of named enemies have been updated to level 63 so that they have the potential to grant 600 Gear Score drop rewards for players:
    • Edengrove - Baines, Cael, Adjorjan
    • Old Mykgard Forest - Unhallowed Soul of Mykgard
    • Nihilo Visage - High Priest Oseguera
    • Balebane Maw - Articulon the Unshackeld, Mozrul the Herald
    • Caminus - Caminus Gate Lord, Overseer Levy
    • Spilaio Cavern - Tzi-Wang the Immovable, Dau-Shen the Unstoppable
    • East Illurmin - Corrupted Excubitor Luca
    • West Illurmin - Pit Lord Daehi
    • The Congregation - Mirepaw
    • Lambent Muskeg - The Blight Bringer
    • Maria’s Rest - Smoothbore Samuel
    • Ska Makogai - Thorn of the Heartwood
    • Serenity Monastery - Gnasher
    • Skysong Crypt - Ivan the Inevitable, Mordici the Mortician, Slayer Rosellen, Farley
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I wouldn’t worry too much cause they raised the GS by +100 on level 59+ mobs.

So long as you have the expertise, you’ll hit 590s.

I killed a few level 62/63 mobs and got 590+ GS drops every time.


:link: Economy/Progression/Perks: All enemies now have a chance to drop items at +100 gearscore higher then normal. Level 59-63 have an increased chance. (The 600 max and expertise still applies to these rolls.)

600GS harbinger sets incoming :slight_smile:


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Did not see that part good change!

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