These suggestions for watermark changes must be a joke!

Bypassed? Really, bypassed?? It is called natural progression! Haven’t you realised yet that chest runs is NOT a true end game experience that people enjoy. Most people HATE it!! Now you are killing crafting and are forcing people to do chest runs?? How can you be so deaf, AGS!?


“But you should not reach endgame so fast, because then you know that our game has no content at all” REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

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I guess the tin foil hat users were right. They are trying to kill their own game…

we listen they say who the hex they listen, players for sure nope

Yeah, you bypassed that rewarding progression loop. You practically exploited the game. Bans for buying gear off the TP when?

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They’re straight up lying about trying to improve the game at this point when they continue to make it worse.

I quit. I’m done with this game and done with AGS.

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This is not true though. There have been numerous people in various topics complaining about the fact that people could just buy endgame GS scores from the TP.

And I’ve said it before. And I’ll say it again. AGS should just stop listening for now. Pick a direction of their own. Ignore the player feedback here because it’s always extremely two-sided and no matter what AGS will do, the other party will end up shouting that AGS doesn’t listen.

Same thing will go for e.g. mounts. There have been numerous posts about desires for a mount system. Datamining suggests it in development as of recent. If it hits, mark my words, tons of threads on how AGS doesn’t listen, we don’t want mounts, we don’t need mounts.

It’s getting old really, but the playerbase is so vastly diverse as of right now, AGS is never going to be able to please all.

And with that, I’m not saying the proposed changes are ideal. As a crafter I fear it’s the opposite from ideal. But I can get why AGS may have thought these changes were desirable or warranted, based on (garbage) player feedback.

ok then this will be game for no lifers only , congratulations i have real life and day job

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