They are using free hack/cheat in OPR - maramma Server

They are using free hack in OPR - maramma Server indiscriminately, if they are not convinced they could go to investigate (the administrators) … do not make everything spoil before they release the new patch because there are many people who are affecting their experience in play…

What do you mean by “free hack/cheat”

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find out I’m sick of experiencing it

So… Translated… I’m tired of logging into OPR and dying but too lazy to make a proper “Nerf it!” post…

Try going here…

This seems a bit cryptic… Can you explain what you saw? I have played since beta and have never seen any hacks, I know aim bot is/was a thing… Never seen any evidence of anything else.

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Well wtf you doing here then? You’re the one with the problem, explain what it is or gtfo.

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It’s the age old adage of

They’re better than me, and that’s not possible, so they must be cheating!


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