They broke Luck again


We can view the effect of each item as the items exist in the client data. So for instance if you check the perk perkid_amulet_miningluck (Adored Mining Luck) you can see that it provides the buff when equipped of status_perk_amulet_miningluck (500 point bonus to ROLMining that can NOT be stacked).
Verifying the buff does what it says is simple enough as it is identical in form/function to almost all other generic stat buffs. For the buff (status_perk_amulet_miningluck) to do something unexpected the entire system behind buffs of this type (generic stat bonuses) would have to be broken and there are other generic bonus buffs that can be checked to verify that is not the case.

This same form of datamining can be used to confirm the values and stacking limits of each of the other sources. The only edge-cases are things like perkid_common_luck on a shield. Because most perks do not apply from a holstered shield and you cannot have your weapons “drawn” while opening a chest many of us believe that Luck on shields won’t apply to chests (although I have yet to see a large sample size test to confirm this).

It is worth noting that I do have a mistake in my comment from three days ago. I state that you could reach the stack limit using pearls and enough pieces of armor (more than you can actually equip). I had said another half-set of armor would be enough, but had overlooked that pearls actually use a different stack count (status_perk_gem_lucky4 instead of status_perk_lucky) and as such the amount needed to reach the stack limit is significantly further beyond reach.

everything was tested with pvp on and t4 buff food

OK question. Can you see the loot tables that the percentages are applying against? This is most likely where the break is.

In my experience the more luck (skinning, fishing and lot luck are those I mainly track) In all 3 of those I can say the higher my overall luck percentages are, the lower my quality of gear drops are. I start seeing things like white weapons and potions instead of the drops I am equipping for. Using less combined luck in one of those categories usually nets me better gear.

I suspect that the tables are rolling over after a point. Something like

1-10 potions, whites
10-20 greens
20-30 blues

Etc to 100

If the internal roll is 108 instead of capping out at whatever is in the 100 category it stays back over at 8. This would explain the sweetspot people are reporting and I myself experience.


To whoever using the effect of each item stats to debunk what was said about it having negative effect, it’s not because you do have more luck statistically that the way they coded it makes it drop more of what people actually want. I expect certain luck threshold to open up new possible drops, and by doing so indirectly lower the chances for certain items that were “lower” in the roll pool either due to having more possible drops, or simply because your rolls are more often “overshooting” the proper roll. I will need to do more testing, but so far downgrading from a full voidbent with pearls set to only 2 pieces of it and removing jewelry has made 35+ area trophy upgrades drop way more consistently, I will try to update in the next few days to see if my experience was a fluke or not.

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My observations confirming yours. I did large excell and this fits to my thesis.

There might be something to this, or they just reduced items to luck drops. I noticed before the patch my blue drops were significantly higher, now they are few and far between and my luck has improved a lot since before the patch.

I dont get why we dont hear if they are investigating it …

I have noticed an issue with this as well, the more luck at I get after a certain point ends up making my drops worse, noticeably worse. There is 100% and issue with luck.

i cant confirm anything the author said but luck does seem to be broken. ive been running around with 34.2% on gear (no sword/shield) +3 minor luck trophies, and PVP on. I got nothing for weeks, I took off my jewelry (minus the earring) and went down to 25.6% + 10% with PVP on and within 30mins I found a legendary trophy material. Testing it with only bag luck + minor trophies and nothing, (which I kind of expected).

how can you not test it? bro while i was level 34 with mining luck sets at tier 3 i would get 3 brilliant gems from almost every platinum vein at minimum, and i was missing pieces. i recently hit 60, got every tier 5 mining luck piece available and the amulet, pickaxe has luck, only thing I dont have is the food. now i’m lucky to get a dozen gems by the time i fill my inventory with nothing but platinum. how can anybody not notice how different that is, i hit level 60, got more pieces with better rates, and my results are cut by 90% instead of boosted by 50%. this is plain as it could ever be. you dont need screen shots, go gather 100 of any identical resource with no luck, do it over with tier 5 luck, and it always gets worse. no luck gains more rare than max luck and its ridiculous.

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play the game and gather something with luck and without luck. how else would you see the difference? why would you post something like this? every resource, every luck type, if you max your luck you get less than if you have no luck. screen shots of full inventories are everywhere.

This make a lot of sense to me.

I am playing full Lucky IV + Luck since a very long time. I was droping TONS of stuff before 1.1 patch.

Since the patch I have doing countless run and never dropped a single trophy. I REALLY see a large decrease is rare loots I get from chest and monster since 1.1.

This game is a joke now…


I’m mostly talking about loot luck. Loot luck has such a tiny impact on rolls that you need to open a truly huge number of chests in order to be sure there’s anything wrong with it.

I don’t gather anything besides orichalcum these days so I can’t speak to the claim at #1, but the fact that he made 3 other claims with no evidence makes me think he doesn’t have the evidence for #1 either.

They did confirm there is a sweet spot. They didn’t provide detail.

bump. The whole loot luck thing needs to be looked at.

I don’t doubt your claim that they did, but where was it?

In the dev blog before patch 1.1

The way I read it, it sounded like they identified it and insinuated it would be fixed, but then didn’t follow up.

Here they explained luck but didn’t mention sweet spot:

In searching I can’t find it, but I remember what it said.

It said they found an instance where luck was multiplying instead of adding, leading to infinitesimally small chances of certain loot dropping. They didn’t specifically admit to things falling off the loot table, as the post above states, they use tables that don’t allow loot to ever completely fall off.

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