They need to have a delete thread/post

They need to have a delete thread feature for this forum. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to see you go and will add that anyone that is hateful or demeaning to a person with a disability is just despicable.


Haters are going to hate. When you are going to expose yourself to so many idiots playing this game or any MMO for that matter, grow some emotional resilience first or you will succumb.

Better luck next time.
Peace brother.


that’s fucked up but what does this have to do with ‘our vets’? are you a vet? I don’t understand

Sorry to hear of your bad experience. Unfortunately, online games tend to bring out the worst people. I recommend joining a guild of like minded players that you can communicate with in discord. The well ran ones don’t tolerate that type of behavior. You can find them either in game or on the website.

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Kinda odd to uninstall over one experience. I’ve done many group activities on my never and have never been required to join discord.

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I can’t PvP and do many quick moving things because of hand issues. I get called a lot of bad things because I’m slow and a ‘carebear’. Don’t care. There is alot else to do in game

I say this because Discord voice is not needed to enjoy NW. Discord voice is a necessity for people who didn’t deal with huge raids in text in EQ at 2am. People like to shit-talk and engage while their hands keep playing

Don’t let one instance keep you from playing NW. when you do, the toxic/trolls/greifers/insults win

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It’s a darn shame that online communities get dragged down because some people can’t behave, and a darn shame to see people leave online games because of toxic behaviour.

This is why I love playing FF14, so many nice people around and very little toxic behaviour. It gives me hope for other online communities, though especially PvP based games drags out the worst in people.

I’m sorry OP that you’re leaving and sorry to hear of your bad experience. Everyone should be allowed to play and enjoy MMOs without fear of these toxic trolls.

Doing that is sure to bring out the “Stop segregating yourselves” accusation from the very haters in this game. Go check the thread from the LGBT+ community trying to find inclusivity. They were blasted…by bigots and homophobes no less.


I am so sorry you had to go through this. I am also considering ditching this game due to player toxicity. I did however recntly find a company that appears to be full of genuinely decent individuals. I will see how it goes.

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I do not have a disability like being deaf but i hate with a fiery passion the fact that discord is MANDATORY in most social games and especially in New world or else they exclude you from all social activities like you aint playing the same game.
I am not talking about hardcore raid content of course, i get it being mandatory there, i am talking about casual content like wars in New World.

PS. There is no reason to bring veterans into this, its not like deaf war veterans were targeted exclusively about their disability right? And its not like war veterans matter to foreigners, this is a global forum so our veterans doesnt apply i guess.

Let em whine. They are #ssholes and there will always be #ssholes regardless of what game you are playing. This happens to everyone regardless of which side their bread is buttered. All I can tell you is that if you were in my chat, I wouldn’t give two sh!ts about your sexual orientation.

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While assholes will be assholes and its not okay to be an asshole, mean words are gonna happen. Grow some thicker skin or simply block these people.

As someone who was bullied in school through out all grades…RE beat up, made fun of etc etc, this generations of cyber bullying makes me laugh. Oh they said a mean word on facebook…block them. They said a mean thing in my game…block them.

While its totally your choice if you dont want to subject yourself to ridiculer’s or being made fun of online, dont expect gaming communities to not have its share of dumbasses and imbeciles who get their kicks from making fun of people and being “edgy” because they get a hardon from it.

If a few mean words and toxicity makes you uninstall and quit a game i recommend you stick to singleplayer games for the rest of your life as its only going to get worse in the decades to come.

Don’t let these other people get to you. Who cares what they think. If you are having fun with the game, play with different people. You don’t need discord, there is a Ping system for a reason.

Oh I agree, what I am saying is the quest for like-minded people to group with has been blasted by the same people that give the most grief. Odd how the haters never question what they are doing to drive people away, yet question the people that choose to get away from them. And this applies to everyone: Women, LGBT+, etc.

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