Things i liked and things i think could be better

I played about 400 h and for me thats alot i rarely invest that much in any single game.
I liked :
1. Farming and processing , it’s cool i like it i like boxes you get after 200 level and special gear you could use to be more efficient
2. Simplicity of game inputs and overall gameplay i don’t like games where you need to asign half of keyboard to be able to play
3.World is aesthetically pleasing and i enjoyed it
Game needs more:
1.Lore is unknown and those blue shiny things we are supposed to find and read i haven’t red single one it is not good idea in my oppinion , audio lore is way better
2.I had sense world is useless , i visited on my jorney so many places i wish to stay and farm over and over for hours but had no purpose in doing so, before 60 it would be very slow way to reach 60 by farming some random place after 60 , 95% of map is useless when it comes to killing which is disastrous for game like this i don’t think they tought trough entire farming/level of area/reward system. I saw many people saying we need more new areas i think they need to recycle old areas so they become useful for all players.
3. Dungeons felt special until i entered them. Dungeons are empty , enemies are always same , same numbers on same place (i haven’t tried mutated because my GS is still low for that) , rewards for my level are non existing.
4.Progressing is pointless in some way , because at the time i am going to be 600 gs i will prolly have enough gold to buy decent gear and then i should keep grind to get that insane 0.001 drop , ehhh thats hard for me to be motivated to do that. so the overall feeling is i’m just running troughout the game with no clear goal to be honest. And even to get such gear the question is where will i use it?! Really has no point.
5. PvP i din;t really do just few duels and thats it , once again i felt there is no point since i dont have 600 gs gear.

Overall impression is huge , beautiful world with nothing to do in it. Farming is great i believe i wouldn’t change that now all they need is to make all possible areas for PvE useful so there is alot of things to kill with possibility of reward so that my goal is to get something nice and special so i can sell it or use it to kill in more effcicient way or in PvP.

i’m gonna take break now, today i logged in and i just didn’t know what to do so i logged out. But i will keep eye on it because i really liked farming .

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