Things that could make this game better/ more fun

Now I know there are more serious issues to be addressed, these are just suggestions for the future.

1.) Mounts

Literally every MMO is better with mounts; simply put. Coming from WOW I was a huge mount collector. It created a community and there were literally discords dedicated to collecting mounts. It was fun and rewarding. Imagine riding one of those tigers from Ebonscale, a stag, lynx, bear, hell even an alligator or pig would be cool. You don’t even need to give the mounts a speed increase. Make the mounts operate like your character does now, and give the mounts a haste buff while on roads, and normal speed while traversing through the wild.

2.) Transmogs/ Skins

For the life of me I don’t know why you’re not able to save skins from weapons and armor you get. Half of the time the armor and weapons are not very usable and all you do is salvage them. Being able to save skins would encourage players to do lower level content if they know a certain enemy drops cool looking items. I know AGS puts out skins through the store, and that’s a source of money for them, but at least let us dye the store bought skins. Also for the love of sweet baby Jesus put black and white dye in the game. You have every color in the spectrum except the first and last color of the spectrum, makes no sense.

3.) Armor Set Slots

I know people that have 4 armor sets on them at all times, and have to stop and sift through their personal inventory while they’re somewhere like in myrk to equip their mining gear. Allow the players to custom make sets so they can literally just click button to swap their armor sets. It’s a system that has already been implemented in other MMO’s and would be a great quality of life improvement.

4.) Arenas

This one is a no brainer, and I’m sure everyone will agree. Arenas are a huge part of pvp in MMO’s, and would be a welcomed addition to New World. Having leaderboards for 3v3 or 5v5 would be awesome, and would bring a nice competitive aspect to the game. I like the route that AGS is going in with the loot table shrinking, having only useful perks such as resilient and refreshing, shards being added for wins and losses, and faction tokens. Apply this to arena’s and you’ll have great success.

5.) Instruments

Add instruments so I can form a band and sing shanties, and assemble my army to produce thunderous war songs before battle, that is all.

6.) Removing split attributes

How many times have you done a Laz or Gen, got a legendary, and it ended up having attributes like dex/foc, or strength/int. Make all weapon and gear drops only strength, dexterity, focus, intelligence, or constitution. This would make drops much more usable, and would improve the economy by allowing players to sell items that are actually useful.

7.) Remove BOP?

I’m on the fence on this one, let me know what ya’ll think!

8.) Housing

I’m a big fan of housing in this game, but I think there could be some improvements. There has to be some incentive for having number 1 house. Right now if you’re number 1 in housing all you get is people walking by your house, turning for a second, and saying yeah that’s kinda neat. I have almost every schematic in the game, all tier 4 furniture and decorations, and 563,000 housing points in my Brightwood home and receive nothing rewarding from it besides my own satisfaction ( pretty home). Some cool incentives would be earning territory standing, getting furniture schematics, hell even getting umbral shards would be a nice incentive. Also, make it so that the top 3 receive rewards, not just the number 1 house. This would add a nice competitive aspect to a seriously lacking and overlooked part of the game.

9.) Liven up the towns a little

Towns are so dead, especially now more than ever. All you have is like 4-5 npc’s just standing there doing nothing with missions you’ve completed 3 months ago. Have some npc’s walking around, add some animals walking around, throw some npc’s in there working on things, make towns look lived in. Another cool addition would be mini-games like blackjack, texas hold’em, dominos, and allow betting so that people have something to do in towns while waiting for wars, our, and invasions if they have nothing else to do.

Like I said before, I know New World has bigger problems at the moment, but I think these are some cool additions that could make this game even better and provide people enjoyment for years to come.

Let me know what ya’ll think!

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You forgot the #1 downer of the fun in New World. The complete 100% elimination of the tax system. A player should only get another players gold if the giver is 100% in agreeance to give.


Good stuff. The game needs a lot more than that but your list of things would make it better.

Point #8 I agree and disagree. The system is just weird on the rankings to me. I think that needs rework first. For instance I had decorated my house to my liking. My wife bought a house and put nothing in it besides chests for storage. Somehow she had more points and ranked higher than I did. Months later she still does and she still hasn’t put anything in it. Doesn’t make sense.

So the points system for housing primarily comes increasing your territory standing in that certain area within a 48 hour window. Like doing town boards, faction quests, and crafting. I look at it like (Housing Items) x (Territory Gain) = (Housing score)

Pretty silly to me. Territory standing shouldn’t have anything to do with it IMO. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter to me though. Im just nitpicking.

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