Things that need to be addressed quickly

  1. Houses, no matter the tier, should allow more than one storage chest at the lowest tier. Which takes me to 2.

  2. Storage needs to be higher or needs to be world round. Reagents weigh too much and then the materials I gather wont fit in the storage. A lot of back and forth for absolutely no reason. Which take me to 3.

  3. Crafting definitely needs to go back, dont know what ya’ll were thinking when you “tinkered” with it but it is now more grindier than ever. Spend 2-3 hours harvesting resources, having to travel back and forth between towns to craft the materials required, to travel back to the forge, to craft maybe 4 items and gain like 2-3 levels. Azoth needs to be a higher cap or the cost of traveling needs to be addressed as well.

  4. OPR, cool, needs to group everyone into VOIP on that team so VOIP can be utilized when calling out things. I.E. Baroness Hain. Nothing like being in battle and trying to type out where we should be going.

  5. Invasions, need a little bit of a nerf. In the entire 400 hours played I have not seen one invasion won.

  6. Settlements owned by companies, who no longer actively play, need to have the region stripped from them and allowed to be gained by another company to govern. 3 settlements owned by my faction yet they never play anymore and purple and green will not take them over. There needs to be a log in timer or something, like no one on that company has logged in in 14 days it is now up for grabs by another company of the same faction.

  7. Luck needs to be addressed as well. We need some form of marking that tells us our luck percentage. Have all these luck items running on armor and trophy bonuses but yet still see no change to drops or tier v crafting mats. It almost as if the bonuses are maybe or maybe not there.

  8. Need to get your stuff together on these armor and weapons. Full heavy armor taking ungodly amounts of damage from a guy with a bow/musket in the distance. Life staffs constantly getting nerfed because of stacking but yet leaving the ice gauntlets and fire staffs open for stacking aoe. Same goes for the void gauntlet everyone desperately needed? I mean why did you add this above all others? Did you think it’d save the game? I didnt see a spike in player activity because of a new item release or that pointless turkey that was added recenlty.

  9. Recommended areas, myrkguard for example, no reason the elites up there need to hit for 13k damage. Through all the armor and resistance from gems. Group size 5, more like group size 50.

  10. Water marking, this is more of a why are we changing it opinion. Like I have yet to have seen any good gear drop. Got a 515 great axe, havent gotten anything higher since. Been running as much as my group of 5 can push before we start getting our stuff pushed in and not one good thing to show from it. OOOOOooooo 14 obsidian flux from a elite chest or a common health potion from an elite up in myrkguard. Oh, my favorite is when Im in a high level area and loot a supply crate or ancient chest and get 5 iron rounds or arrows.

  11. Loot. Explained above as I ranted about the water marking. I get way too much potent solvent and the other regents, than I do the flux that I actually need for crafting ingots. Mining orichalcum is a hassle in itself as the best areas to mine it are now the worst areas to travel to. Need some blisterweave or scalecloth? Good luck, youll be loaded down with wireweave before you even get 9 of each. Cinnabar, is that still even in the game? Void ore, I havent even seen that yet. Only place Ive seen it is in the market or the chat.

Just wanted to drop this off before I log off this game. Might come back, might not. Enjoyed it until they broke the turd while they were trying to polish it. Now its just a grind fest from hell.

No. Houses should be limited to a max of 1. They are effectively teleport pads, and i hate it. Houses have an immense amount of power at increasing player expressive and immersive content. They should be only for those reasons.

Houses should be capped at one period.

Chests should be limited to one as well, but should provide some more space. The gUI for storage should be improved to allow the player to store things in “compartments” sorta like wow’s guild bank tabs.

This has been suggested many times, and i dont see any major issue of it but if there is one, it’d be an impact on economy. My thought process is that people would harvest in area a, and recall to home in area be and be able to use those resources by skipping the weight portion of the equation for azoth costs on travel. I dont know what sort of impact this would have, but it would definitely impact the economy in some way.

I recently just left dominion on camelot server and we had won an invasion. ITs just a matter of time before people figure it out. They are fine as they are now. There should be benefits for winning them that are not related to the management and upkeep of a zone.

Having some sort of tax like that of houses that removes ownership of a zone could be a good mechanic for this. I am starting to think that we should add “alliances” or “empires” to the game, a collection of guilds/companies; and have them manage and conquer the zones.

It seems to be fine. YOu should not stack a bunch of gear and get all the best things in the game, that is broken.

This is being addressed in the next patch.

being changed next patch.

The economy is in need of a massve nerf to the amount of resources you get from any node, and a rebalance of the costs of leveling things. It however will be a lot of work and will take time for that change to be completed.

The biggest change amazon could make right now that would have massive impact on players returning is to REMOVE the orb system. The pvp community is healthy because they can spam que OPR/wars.

The pve community has to grind an hour to get access to 15 minutes of content. Its insanity. We know this is the cause of the mass exodus of people because most players are pve oriented, and so any thing that would cause them to leave has to be pve related.

Wasnt saying it wasnt, just would like a marking in the stats or something that showed you percentages. Everything else is decently explained, but the storage chests in house need to be at least a minimum of 2/3 in the tier 1 houses

not one of the arguments you present are constructive. you only present a bias point of view in favor of AGS. the level of incompetence displayed in your white knight statements is asinine at the very least. the majority of competent player base has left the game because of the myriad of bugs and etc. They decided to rollback players hard work in favor of “expertise” when launching the game under the guise of “play how you want, progress how you want” and effectively doubling back on that premise which initially sold the game in the first place. It’s bad when even gold sellers go public and demand change. Nobody wants to work hard for something and be told you didnt do it right when the system they now implement does exactly that. Who the hell wants to only play one way? You’ll be playin by yourself moving forward…

One more cool thing to add would be company storage, something players can add resources to for other members of the company to withdraw and use.

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