Things That Need To Happen

Better char creation. The faces are all pretty ugly. please let us be more unique . Give us some face sliders n cosmetics atleast. or add a barber with additional features.

Add a Skin System for items you just obtain. kinda how WoW is in a way.

Mounts Would Be Amazing.

Honestly Feel like you should only be able to master 2 crafts. Cuz if everyone can do everything themselves kinda makes making money kinda wack idk.

Swimming! Why cant we swim?
LFG System enough said
A way to apply to Companys
An outfitter? Better way to organize luck gear ect


Character creation is like a 90s game. Swimming :surely they can teach that that also looks 90s.I have heard some post about mounts i i for one am sick of walking it takes long enough to get into game to spend 30 mins walking to Q’s.The wait for game even after first entry is a joke i like to stagger play since i get migraines but what about the epileptics who cant play for hours on end .The world is small argument is a bad one since Amazon did and do know how many people were going to play the game since they took our money.

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We don’t need better character creation, you wear armor and are looking at your back the entire time anyways.

They have a skin system already.

People have been asking for mounts for years and they have stated they won’t add mounts until the entire map has been released.

Swimming isn’t supported by the engine.

Honestly Feel like you should only be able to master 2 crafts. Cuz if everyone can do everything themselves kinda makes making money kinda wack idk.

Hard disagree on this one. In real life you’re not magically limited to just a few skill. Some people like to learn a lot of things (even if it means “just be average at it”). Other than that logical argument, one of the points of this game is to be able to do everything. Not sure if you noticed but you can learn every weapon as well.

Personally I enjoy a lot the fact that there is no limit related to weapons and skills. I think it’s safe to say that it will never change anyway, but still wanted to say it.


I agree. Some people like being a solo player, saying “Oh you can’t master wood cutting because you can mine and harvest” is kind of a bad thing, especially when you need more than 2 skills to do other skills.


Was mostly Talking about crafting. not the refining mats trade skills or gathering. Everyone should be able to do that.
But i feel like it would be better for everyone to have there own master in a craft.

They need a better skin system. Theres somethings you get from drops that i’d like to wear but cant. But im just throwing ideas so they could make the game alot better.
And all im asking for is better faces n hair styles maybe face sliders or w.e
it will make the game more appealing .
i can deal without swimming But its just kinda dumb that we cant.

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Mounts would IMO kill the PvP in this game, more than removing loot drop already did. People can run away on foot with no issues, no need for mounts.

This is not technically true, they can make custom volumes to make swimming a thing lol.

So you are telling me that currently to make swimming work they need to create swimming? That sounds a lot like “Swimming isn’t supported by the engine”

“Swimming isn’t supported by the engine” is saying its not possible. I said they need to MAKE swimming, it is possible, the just haven’t implemented it yet. Toy with lumberyard for a bit, you’ll understand how the volumes work and how they CAN do swimming. Its not impossible lol

This isn’t the problem with crafting. The problem with crafting is that there are 6 million iron swords and only a couple of thousand players and on top of that loot drops are better than crafter drops anyway. There is no economy. The only way you will ever make money from crafting is selling materials to people who are levelling their crafting skills.

An engine doesn’t support anything until the developer implements it. This is basically like saying an apple doesn’t support slices while holding the knife in your hand.


I dont think so. Theres many ways to balance it. They can either not allow mounts while pvp is active. or allow you to yank people off the mounts or even fight while on mounts like a War actually was back in these times.

Correct. Just like a 2022 Ford Super Duty isn’t an electric truck. If you get all the right parts and a big ass battery, and throw it all together, with enough time and effort it’s an electric truck. Yet, at the end of the day, it didn’t start out as an electric truck and you had to put a bunch of work in because turning it into an electric truck wasn’t officially supported.

What about the fact that you can’t tell males or females apart in game, even when men are wearing a dress…worst character design in any MMO from the last 15 years.

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I definitely agree with transmog. There’s something to be said about bought content, but it’d be fantastic if I could use vanilla skins of armor we’ve equipped as well. I absolutely hate looking slapdash while I’m playing. Even if it’s just basic armor. If I can look like my armor matches I’m 100% good with that. I don’t mind so much about no mounts. If we could work out a better system for fast travel that would be tops though. At least cost wise. Eventually I’d like to see gauntlets have multiple elements as well as the staves. And perhaps a 2 hand sword because why shouldn’t we have one? Oh and let’s go axes and shields. If we’re going to have Norse armor we need a Norse load out.

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My (big) points:

  • make a worthy aka good character creation. The actual one is an abomination. Many 20 year old games did this better
  • improve group play. Nobody, except for some WoW Kevins, like it when you play with friends and everyone in the group has to do the objectives for themselves because loot isn’t shared or you have to kill 5 times the mobs because everyone has to skin them
  • get rid of quests like “Scratchy”. Why would anyone design a quest like this in 2021? We had 10 people this morning waiting for Scratchy to respawn, only 1 of 10 can skin the corpse, so 9 keep waiting for respawn, while 3 new players arrive. This creates a lot of bad blood, this creates queues for questmobs which aren’t necessary.
  • give players the option to switch starting zones. I started in Windsward, but decided to switch to go Monarch’s Bluff because the town is owned by my faction. I found out a level 17, that I need to go back to Windsward to get the quest for camp level 2.
    And of course it’s, again, bad for group play, when everyone has a different spawn.

Just my two cents

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And I completely disagree on mounts btw. This game never should have mounts. You don’t need more comfort already. It’s balanced around having towns and options to use shrines. Mounts would completely make this system useless.

What you just said is that the devs should make a new WoW.

I do not agree with the makings of a new WoW.