Things that will help player retention

You do know you can get expertise up by doing genesis expedition. Is expertise your only painpoint?

Maybe you are in the wrong game, this is a PvX game it is “supposed”…

The experience system should not be there. It was put there due to the lack of content at that time, you can leave everything the same, but without the experience system it doesn’t contribute anything, your GS will depend on the equipment you put on and that’s it.


they did say that they focused on the beginner levels 1-25 quests, that much they were very honest about and then they worked on the quests in the brimstone sands questline. they could have taken a few lessons from GTA like allowing players to act on open world sequences and random events.

a huge thing that they should be working on is repeatable missions that dont feel like a complete drag to do. I’m gonna sound like im just a GTA fanboy but there is a lot of merit behind what they have done. bringing a having a destination horde of enemies that by choice can be avoided if you are sneaky in order to get to your objective but are given the choice to go in loud guns-a-blazing. that choice may be short sighted does make for a fun challenge and enhances the moment by moment experience. and giving people vanity things to show off that are upgradable and definitely mean something to the players. in new world, a sword just looks like another sword a spear looks like any other spear. augmentations dont change the color of the swing/slashes after affects or taint the color of the weapon. if im being shot at by a bullet and it turns out to be a orichalcum bullet I would expect that to be coming in hot or if its starmetal why not color the smoke blue or heck sparkle it a bit. customization is a great addition.
I’m a big fan of Rockstar’s purchase a thing to do a set of missions model. if I’m gonna plan on waging a war, why am I doing it in the middle of the city wall where everyone can see. that kind of stuff should be set up in the comfort of your own home or hide away.

the biggest thing for me is that the goal isn’t just go in and get the thing, that’s not building an experience. go in and get the thing but watch out for ____ and if you get caught, you better do _____ and if anything else happens, improvise.*

geekboy brings up an awesome idea by bringing up mini bosses for individual players and yeah the game has something that resembles that. I’ve had to go to scorpius and kill that boss dude more times than I can remember and I cant because its just not a memorable experience. it looks great, no doubt about it. but the guards between the boss are generic and the boss is generic. so giving them a personality is a huge part of it.

the hidden mini dungeon in mourningdale, again is a great idea but lacks in follow through with what makes it a great experience. you can even run it backwards and just attack the miniboss in there after walking through 2 rooms. and why are they there? no one knows. its not mentioned at all.

choosing to be the double crosser. one of the best things in mmo games since Never Winter Nights is being able to choose to double cross the npc and making an enemy out of a bad friend.

in a game like new world, probably the smallest thing but still endearing is being able to save the day. saving an npc traveling merchant from a pack of wolves and actually reacting to their cries for help and not being a scripted event before that, success is not always guaranteed, a good adventurer is quick to react.

its a horizontal progression system designed for finer tweaking on their end, people complained that the levels where too low back in october til december last year. it was an afterthought. once a great way to get gypsum is to do opr and play as a support class by collecting materials to build equipment .

No, it is not. The experience system is as vertical as there is. It doesn’t help new players, it just slows them down.

I love your feedback.

Why I say is that its a horizontal progression is that while being level 60 may be conditional to get higher expertise gear scores by using gypsum but the original method was already a part of the game as a simple item gear score and you got items with higher gear scores and in my early gameplay I had no idea what that was for and now; I remember having my gs closer to 100% cap than my level being as close to level 60. It wasnt until 1.1 patch i think that the gs really boosted the damage and protection traits most noticable by 540 to 625. But if they really wanted to make the system with longevity in mind then they should have it level up with a logorythmic decay of increase as the higher the gs is instead of a linear increase.

i agree

At first your GS was equivalent to the equipment you put on. There was no watermark and no experience system. That’s why I’m telling you, that was put there so the players wouldn’t advance so fast.

Oh thats right. Thanks

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I do like.


1 - replayable PvE content that PvE players will actually like and engage with

2- the little things. If an mmo like ff14 can add a casino full of minigames, then it wouldn’t hurt to add things like chess, board games, etc.

3- much more beefy PvE content in general.

Good stuff here!

i agree

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