Things The Summer Patch Nailed

In my opinion, these are things that I believe the devs nailed on the launch of the patch.

  • Armor Set Patterns - As a part of this update, they stopped dropping pieces of armor you get from apt chests and started giving patterns that allow you to craft a piece you may be missing. Doing this made it easier for people to complete their sets and it also made it possible to go to the TP to buy these things without having to pay a mortgage for your weaponsmiting pants or hat.

  • The Runic Stopwatch (or whatever it is called) is just a better timeless shard that works on armor and weapons. If you have your trophies and gear sets already, the 598-600 roll is worth it.

  • I think the reputation crates are amazing as well. The superior crates give 6816 territory standing each and you can do 8 a day. i don’t believe people understand the power of reputation across the map. You have more storage and spend way less gold across the board and don’t forget the gather speed buffs.

  • I think we would say the the new expedition has been kind of a mess since launch, but the lore of it and the feel of the dungeon feels great. Is cinematics the word I am looking for?

  • The event itself and MOST the rewards are awesome (Shade thrown at the 600GS patterns.)

What have you been enjoying about the patch?

Note: I will not be engaging people who are not providing their things they feel like that has went well. There is plenty of posts to discuss the issues. Do that in those posts please. This is about what we feel is doing well from the patch. Thank you.

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They really nailed giving the violinist in Mourningdale a run for their money. Now I can drown them out with the sounds of the other musicians as I summersault down the stairs repeatedly.

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Honestly, the drop tables and perk changes for me were a smash hit.

I’ve gotten pieces that i can use, and sell that are upgradeable from a lot more sources. It’s worth killing the spearmen in the mines for 590+ for example. Previously that was not the case.

I solo a lot so this was a big deal for me :revolving_hearts:

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What do those spearmen drop that’s so worth it?

→ The Fishing.

  • More buffs to fishing pls.

The 600gs pattern is actually pretty cool if you aren’t 600 expertise as you get auto expertise for that item because you crafted Leggo.

I like the change up in general, new stuff to craft etc. I didn’t like the fact I ended up with 12 million pieces of sheet music with little to no ability to deal with them at scale. Inventory management issue for sure.

Other than that all in all good

So, i farm ori there and down by daehi. And i grab chests when i can. But previously the spearmen did not drop 590. Now they are capable of dropping all kinds of gear above 590 with the new perk pools.

I’ve gotten some good pve and pvp gear combinations that sell pretty decently. At least on orofena.

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