Things to make the game unique, remarkable and durable

Hello, in this post i want to share with you a list of advises or mechanics that i think should be changed or implemented in the game to give it an ‘‘identity’’ and a healthy and remarkable playstyle.

PVP is the best of this game, the problem is that it does not make any sense to have it active. Going in PVP does not grant ANYTHING at all, especially after 60, because the only reason to take it (very small extra percentage of experience, plus what they can give you for each murder) stops making sense. There are hundreds of aspects in which the game benefits more to go PVE than PVP.

My suggestion is to make the PVP MANDATORY. In addition to this, a clan should be able to fully govern the territory that it obtained with cunning and effort, applying a system of alliances or ‘grants’ by which certain clans can be granted permission to operate in the area, with a assigned commission or something of the sort, if other guild (from other faction or even from your own faction) want to change that, then fight for the territory and change it. This would make the game unique and something with a long-lasting, competitive focus. I understand that it may sound scary because as a company, you will think that doing it full PVP will make you lose players, but you could simply separate the public into server types or find another solution for that problem. I tell you this because believe me … NOT focusing the game on PVP (which is what you have to focus on) is going to do MUCH more damage to the game and its number of players than keeping it in the current state, and i not even speaking on the long run, give it a few weeks and you’ll see what i mean.

The game when you are doing group content (despite the first concern, which i consider SUPER important to the game experience) its pretty fun and everything, but i consider you should implement a system of ‘‘arenas’’ 1vs1, 3vs3 and 5vs5 and even 10vs10, and have a ranking for it, alongside other PVP modes that would make everything much more dinamic and enjoyable.

Item progression is quite fast, in fact a lot of players are already crafting high end items or almost doing it, thats why i think you should include a system like to lose gems (with a probability) when you die in PVP and even drop 1 item randomly with a certain chance, that would keep at least a part of the in-game economy constantly working, alongisde that, item repairing (starting from a certain tier) should require an special currency or even maybe an equal power/cost item to repair it.

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