Thinking of coming back question on any changes

So I want to like this game, I want to love it, one of my biggest frustrations is that it seems it was a dodge / roll sim in combat. Has this changed? or is pvp just nonstop dodging and rolling away.

No, it has gotten worse in that regard. They buffed dodge rolls last patch.

Don’t bother guy, you are better off.

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Damn… well thanks for the heads up.

Dont take anyone’s word. Not even mine.

Lots of patches since youve been playing probably.

Come back and play for an hour or two and see for yourself.

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In the last patch they made combat feel worse and less responsive than it has since launch, and they buffed the light armor movements to roll and slide away even further.

If you dislike invincible players skating away from you instantly and taking no damage as you put melee weapons and projectiles right through them, then yeah… I wouldn’t come back right now.

Supposedly last night they were going to “fix that” but it’s still just as bad outside of a couple fringe cases they adjusted. You can still get stuck unable to block, and you can still accidentally press buttons causing your other weapon to just randomly blow your cooldown skills AFTER you switch weapons. The queue of actions is not cleared when you switch weapon, which was the biggest most obvious issue we reported to them.

I can’t stand it at the moment (more than 1000 hours in) and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

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